It’s never too late or too early to start networking, and if you are in a management school, it is the perfect time to start developing your network if you have not already begun it. Well, the concept is to plant the seeds at the right time, so that you can harvest them at the time of need.

As an MBA student pursuing the Master’s degree in business administration from one of the top management colleges in Jaipur, or for that matter anywhere else in the country, thinking about the life after college in the real world is quite intimidating, but is necessary too. Many entrepreneurs are seen telling that the connections which they made while they were in the college have been quite instrumental for them in the different phases of their life, including starting their own companies.

How to start building and enhancing your network?

Networking in the college can prove to be greatly helpful in one’s career. Whether you are searching a job, addressing a problem in your workplace or planning to start your own business, networking will always prove resourceful in multiple ways. But, one of the problems that most management students face is how to begin building their network, or what to do to enhance it.

Following are some vital tips that will help you build and enhance your network while pursuing your studies from Top MBA College in Jaipur or any other city in India.

Internships or Part Time Jobs

Internships or part time jobs while studying will help you meet new people who will, in future, go on to do better and bigger things. So, when you network with them, you might get some help from them when you would need it the most. Use your time on the job to get to know the people around you, develop healthy relations with them and stay in touch.

Social Media to Your Rescue

Use the power of social media to develop your network. Today, everyone is on the social media and the professional networking platforms like “LinkedIn” are proving extremely helpful in expanding one’s network. So, while at the college, spend some time on the social networking sites to build a strong network.

College Groups and Clubs

Join the networking clubs and groups in the college. By being a part of these clubs and groups, you will get the opportunities to meet the new people and socialise with them. Sometimes, you also get to know and network with the old alumni of the college who have already started working. These alumni can prove quite helpful during your job search.

Meet All the Proffesors and Faculty in the College

Whether you are enrolled in the top MBA institute college Jaipur or one of the best management colleges in some other part of the country, you get the opportunity to meet some of the most brilliant academic minds, who may inspire you in various ways or help you with the challenges that you may face during your job. So, include them in your network and try to bond with them on different occasions.


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