When you want to create videos and then share them with others making sure that they look good is important. That is why video editing is so important – and having a simple video editor app on your Android device can make it all the more convenient to edit your videos as soon as you’ve shot them.

All that you need to do to start editing your videos using Clip&Go is load them into the app itself. If you want you can load as many clips into the app as you would like to include, and then arrange them in the sequence that you want them to appear – effectively merging them once the video is saved.

From time to time however there may be certain parts of some of the videos that you load that are unnecessary, or you may only be interested in including a particular part of a much longer clip. If that is the case then you can use Clip&Go to cut out and trim the sections that you don’t need – so that only the relevant footage remains. Additionally you can copy and duplicate video tracks if you find that you need to re-use them in the video.

To add a little bit of polish to your video, Clip&Go will let you include background music to accompany it. The right background music can help to set the tone for the entire video, so choose wisely from amongst your own music on the Android device’s memory, or by selecting one of the built-in tracks.

Finally your video should be done and ready to be saved. The only thing left to do is to select the format and the aspect ratio that you want to use – which will normally depend on the display that you intend to view it on. Typically a 16:9 aspect ratio is used for videos – but some displays use other specifications.

Assuming you want to share your video on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, Clip&Go will let you do so as well. Considering your video should look pretty good and have some nice music backing it, odds are it will be perfect for social media.

As you can see there’s really nothing complicated about editing videos using Clip&Go – which is part of why it is so appealing to use it for Android video editing. While it certainly has a very ‘no frills’ approach compared to some other video editors, the fact that it is so simple makes it easy to use. In fact it is safe to say that all it will takes is a couple of minutes for you to try it out and apply its features to create your very first video.

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