Are you familiar with carpenter ants? They are large and black/reddish black. These ants are mainly found in the kitchen, wandering on the granite slab or running on the floor. They don’t feed on wood like termites. However, they are not innocent and do cause damages. What types of threat do they pose to your house? How can you get rid of them? This blog finds answers to your queries.

Carpenter ants are not wood eaters. However, they create galleries and channels into wooden furniture and structure in order to build up a safe place for living. It may result in weakening of the support beams and that will cause the structure of your house to bend. These will have heavy consequences on other elements of your house. For example, the windows and doors may not be opening easily, walls will start swelling, floors may dip and ceilings may sink down.

Misunderstanding about Carpenter Arms

As common people’s perception about carpenter ants is not clear, many of them dilly-dally in taking action against them. For them, it is a trifle problem that can be easily ignored. They see creatures crawling in the pantry. The reality is they don’t live in your house to eat food. In fact, they can survive on a wider variety of items, most of which are sourced from outside.

It is most unfortunate that even if the house is heavily infested by the carpenter ants, the extent of damages is rarely realized. The homeowners may use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the flying ants but that won’t solve the problem as there are more resting in the hidden places. You should understand that they have already made your house a nest of their own. They breed in the nests and the future generation starts creating other nests.

What to Do

You can deal with the problem in two ways. In the first place, proactive measures are needed to prevent them from entering your house.

  • Try not to store firewood inside your house.
  • Cut bushes and branches in order to remove them away from your house. This way, the moisture in the walls will get dried in the sun and it will prevent the wooden structure of your house from rotting. The carpenter ants love wood rot.
  • If you have any wood product, such as construction materials or firewood near the exterior walls of your house, take those at least 20 feet away. You should also lift them off the ground.
  • Look for any obstructed gutter. When water flows down the side of your walls, it usually creates puddles and that will cause the wooden structure in your foundation wall to rot.
  • Identify and rectify any water issue near your house.
  • A caulking gun is an effective tool to fill holes.
  • Inspect your foundation in details. If any crack or gap is spotted, seal it quickly.

What if the carpenter ants have already started living in your house? It is better not to deal with the problem on your own. Instead, you should let an ant control technician eliminate the harmful insects from your house.

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