Many of video files shared on the web are MOV files. The problem with MOV videos is that it is large in size and takes up a lot of hard disk space. Besides, it also requires installation of special codecs if you want to watch it on your media player. This makes MOV video troublesome to watch.

To save yourself all these hassles, you can convert your MOV video into a MP4  video instead. The MP4 video is a sequel to the MP5 following the addition of supports such as internet connectivity. You’ll just need to use a basic video converter like Movavi Video Converter to convert MOV to MP4.

To convert your MOV video to MP4, you must first install the Movavi Video Converter program on your computer. On the Movavi official site, you can download the trial version and use it free for one month. The first step to take to convert your video to MP4 is to open the file manager in Movavi Video Converter and load the video(s).

You must hover your mouse to the top left and click Add Media > Add Video to open the file manager. When the open file dialog box pops up, select one or more videos that you want to convert to MP4 and then click Open.

With your videos now opened, you can scroll through the list of conversion formats until you see MP4. You are to click on the MP4 thumbnail. The moment you select the thumbnail, a file list with a scroll will pop up. You can drag the scroll down and choose the best resolution for the video.

Higher resolution means the video will be bigger when display on the screen. Lower resolution means the video will be smaller when it is played on the screen. Choosing the low resolution option will help you to save some hard disk space.

After that, you can press the Convert button to run the conversion process. You’ll see a progress bar that tells you how much time is left until the video conversion is complete. Usually, it’ll just take a few minutes for the video to be converted

Movavi Video Converter includes a built in video editor that allows you to do some basic video formatting. The built in video editor divides its functionality into 4 tabs. Under stabilization, you’ll see two sliders which are accuracy and shaking sliders. If your video is awfully shaky, you can slightly improve it by dragging the shaking slider to the right.

Under adjustment, you will find sliders that can change the color tone of different areas on your video. Color adjustment tool can be useful sometimes, for example, when your video is taken in dark lit situation and you want to make it look like it is taken in a room with normal lighting. The problem can be solved by adjusting the brightness slider. Under subtitles, you can insert any subtitle that you want to display to the audience in the video. In addition, the video editor also let you add watermark, crop, rotate and trim.

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