Education is an integral part of a child’s development. With the cost of private tuition rising in the UK, securing the services of a tutor can be a boon for your child academically. However, you may wonder where you can find qualified and experienced tutors. According to research, over 50% of parents said they used search engines to find a tutor, whilst others said they relied on a referral. Still other parents said they would go through their child’s school or scan the local advertisements.

Review the Qualifications of the Tutors You Are Considering

Regardless of the method used, you first need to find out if the tutor is qualified. In other words, does the tutor have a degree in the subject they are tutoring? Do they have the necessary skills and background to assist in your child’s studies? The industry is currently unregulated, which means that almost anyone can list themselves as a tutor. You should not choose a tutor who has not had a full CRB check or, again, does not have a degree in their chosen teaching subject.

Speak to Your Child’s Teachers

When selecting a tutor, you must also review your child’s needs. Poor exam results do not always indicate that a child is incapable. Often, they just need additional support in exam techniques, essay writing, organisational skills, or time management. The way to best determine your own child’s needs is to speak with your child’s teachers about their weaknesses and strengths. This way, you can determine how the additional tuition can best be invested.

Does the Tutor Love Teaching?

When you find a tutor who you believe will match your child’s study needs, make sure to ask for a recent CRB certificate. Besides being qualified and experienced, a tutor should also be a caring and friendly person who loves to teach. The goal is to educate your child as well as improve their level of confidence or motivation to learn.

Making a Selection

Therefore, years of academic teaching experience does not necessarily mean that a private tutor will offer a better type service. However, in most cases, the more years of experience a teacher has, the more proficient they will be. Look for a tutor who has at least three years of tutoring experience and a degree in the selected subject area. Once more, they should also possess a current CRB certificate.

The fee you pay a tutor is frequently dependent on the location. However, highly qualified tutors will charge higher fees for their services. After all, private tutoring is not considered a cheap type of service. Therefore, paying out the money for a tutor can be a budgetary stretch for some families.

That is why it is essential that you choose a tutor who meets all the above-mentioned requirements. Paying for her or his services is an investment in your child’s progress educationally. That is why you cannot leave anything to chance. Fully check out a tutor’s credentials and make sure they have the type of personality that will motivate and stimulate your child to learn.

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