There are literally thousands of web hosting companies to choose from and selecting the best one for your website is perhaps the most important decision you will make for your business. With websites being such an integral part of the business operation the hosting company you choose could mean the difference between success and failure. So here is how you can choose the best hosting company for your website.

Affordable Hosting Plans

Look for cloud server hosting that offers a variety of affordable hosting plans including shared and dedicated hosting platforms. This will allow you to easily upgrade to a more robust server as your business grows. For example, you may have chosen a shared hosting platform to start your blog, but decide to upgrade to a dedicated server with its own SSL certificate when it grows into a popular e-commerce site.

Dedicated Server Resources

Many web hosts offer unlimited storage and bandwidth on some or all of their plans. But it’s the amount of server resources allocated to your domain that will affect the speed of your website. So if you’re running data-driven applications you may need to host your website on a server that offers the ability to upgrade the server resources like the CPU and memory that is allocated to your domain. The additional server memory and CPU will reduce the page load time and help prevent visitors from abandoning your website because it is taking too long to execute data processes.

Website Security

Cyber security is something all online businesses must consider today. That’s why it’s important to choose a web hosting company that makes online security a priority. Also, the web host should have tools and applications like ModSecurity, daily backups, and SSL certificates that help website owners protect their website.

Technical Support

There may be cases when you may need to contact technical support for assistance. Since you never know when the need will arise, you will want to be sure the web hosting company you choose offers 24 hour support including weekends and holidays. But you also want to make sure they respond in one hour or less. What good is 24 hour support if it takes several hours or over one day for them to respond to your inquiry?

Free Trial

Many hosting companies now offer a free trial without a credit card on some plans. Higher end plans may have a special introductory offer that allows you to try it out for a very small price. This is a great way to test the hosting service for a few weeks before making a commitment.

Money-Back Guarantee

Some web hosts also offer a money-back guarantee. So if you’re not completely satisfied, usually within a 30-day period, you can obtain a full refund.


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