When your work involves traveling, it is important to learn how you can find an affordable and comfortable accommodation. Most people usually decide between hotels and extended stay hotels. However, they often forget about the third option – they can put their money on corporate housing in the USA.

You usually need to compare these three options when you are interested in a fully-furnished residence. You do not have to deal with any complicate lease when choosing any one of these options – and they all offer a degree of flexible in the length of stay. Still, your unique circumstances will help you select the most appropriate option. Moreover, you should also consider the benefits and drawbacks of using these options. For instance:

·Hotels: The most common and probably the most obvious choice is to book a hotel on your next trip to someplace far. There certainly are some amazing benefits to this option. Daily housekeeping is one of them. You will enjoy some great amenities along with the 24-hour reception. On the other hand, a hotel stay can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will be forced to live in a small space – at least it is going to be smaller than corporate housing. Forget about having your own kitchen when booking a hotel.

·Extended Stay Hotels: You may find it a better option as compared to a hotel if you want to have an access to your own cooking space. There will be amenities and daily housekeeping too. However, you will have to cook without an oven, and still have to live in a small space. Location of such hotels is not that fascinating either.

·Corporate Housing: For those looking for a home-like atmosphere when traveling to someplace else, there is no better option than going for corporate housing in the USA. You will get some amenities along with a fully-equipped kitchen. Either you will have to live without free breakfasts and frequent housekeeping.

As you can see, all three options have certain benefits and drawbacks. However, if you the type of person who likes his/her privacy, you should look no further than corporate housing. One of the best things about this option is that the location is usually superb. You can get out of your ‘temporary’ home and enjoy the neighborhood whenever you want. You can cook whatever you want with a fully-equipped kitchen.

It is important to mention that there are so many situations when booking a hotel room is probably the best bet. It may serve as a good choice when you are looking for an overnight stay – it may still work for a stay of a few days, but again, you are only going to get a single room with a bed, a bathroom, and a few amenities. For lengthier stays, corporate housing is going to be a much more convenient and comfortable choice. Remember, corporate housing is not like apartments because you will still be checking-in and checking-out like hotels. So, be sure to weigh all these pros and cons and then decide what suits you the most.

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