Doula is like a doctor with no formal degree but all practical knowledge to handle delivery process and keep both mother and newborn baby safe. Someone who has opted to become a doula is taught all the necessary skills needed to guide women during their pregnancy period. These experts may not have any formal degree to work like medical representatives, but they are skilled enough to save lives of women and newborn babies, which is no less important.

If you’re willing to use your free time in an appropriate manner, then focus on becoming a doula. There are plenty of online training programs that can prepare you to be one in a hassle-free manner. All that’s needed is a commitment to bring a change in the world and have enough time to learn necessary techniques to do it efficiently.

Who Can Become Doula?

There is no minimum age limit to be a doula certified. You can be a highschool student or a university student, working professional or a business person, and still manage to learn the process comfortably. It only demands your time, which you have to dedicate for few weeks without any excuse. Once you finish your training, you can be able to handle any emergency case with ease and save the lives of pregnant women and newborn babies.

Usually, it takes a lot of time for the medical help to arrive in distant rural areas which are hundreds of miles away from the cities. This delay causes hundreds of thousands of women and newborn babies to die due to not receiving medical help on time. Doulas can fill in for that delay period and ensure that nothing goes wrong regardless of when the medical help arrives.

So, leave all your doubts aside and focus on becoming a doula as soon as possible. This one decision of yours will not only change your life, but lives of hundreds of those women and babies who can benefit from your knowledge.

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