Online reputation management is often overlooked or underestimated by business executives. Through recent years, studies have shown the impact of having a strong, established reputation management system. Researchers have spoken to experts within the online reputation management field/industry as well as focus groups of companies and organizations who have benefited from the assistance of online reputation management experts as well as companies. Negative reputation management company reviews pose a huge threat on the success of companies in today’s market. If your business is bombarded with content that negatively impacts your business like hurtful reputation management reviews, then you should invest the time and money into enhancing your online reputation management efforts.

If a consumer wants to get the telephone number of your restaurant in order to make a reservation by searching your restaurant’s name into Google and beneath the telephone number is a negative reputation management company reviews, the chances of them wanting to go to eat at your restaurant decrease significantly. Many businesses are given a “star rating” and it normally appears on the right side of a list of search results in Google. In order to achieve a high star rating, you need to keep your consumers satisfied. This will encourage them to promote your brand and write glowing reviews. According to a study from Reputation X, “businesses with mostly 1-star or 2-star reviews fail to convert about 90 percent of prospective customers.” In order to generate more business and attract people to your brand, you need to ensure that your star-rating falls anywhere between 3.5 and 5.

More and more industries are being impacted by the star-rating system. They are beginning to see the impact and influence they have on consumer decisions. Industries like the healthcare sector, hotel industry, restaurant and service industries are experiencing the backlash of having a star-rating associated to their brands. This is why it is an important time for you to be ameliorating your online reputation management efforts in order to protect yourself against negative reputation management reviews that may impact your star-ranking.

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