The Americans have been highly productive than ever, and their productivity is increasingly fueled by the snacks bars which they can gulp during the rush hours and go for work. The sales figures for these snacks bars have rocketed, and the experts claim that there is combination of several factors which have actually resulted in this. It is the penchant of the human beings to involve in multitasking, the rise in the habit of grazing than having full course meals, and the desire for convenient snacking options that have led the rise of sales of these snacks bars. People also have a perception that these bars are healthy substitutes for candy or any other snack food that are available in the market.

While taking a statement from Peter Gaum Santa Barbara, the CEO of the Santa Barbara protein bars, he mentions that bars fit well into the hectic lifestyle that the consumers are facing nowadays. While people are busy shooting emails at their desk or commuting to their workplace in the morning, they’ve got just one hand free. And the availability of the snacks bars actually helps in such rushed and hurried lifestyles. The definition of meals has changed from the conventional ones, and snacks bars have become more popular because of the changing habit of snacking in people. While looking at the average lifestyles of individuals, people are found to have bars in the morning, followed by more bars even in the afternoon snacks.

Since most of the American busy bees are sacrificing their breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks just on the altar of productivity, the reliability on the snacks bars is also increasing, and hence the increase in demand can be rightly justified. According to some of the reports that have been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the worker productivity has increased at an annual rate of 3.2 percent. It is the combined result of 4.9 percent increase in the worker output and 1.7 percent increase in the hours worked by the professionals that have given such an impressive figure.

In some of the research works that have been carried out across the nation, it has come up that only 20 percent of the workers take regular lunch breaks. Almost 40 percent of the workers have commented that they have their breaks at their desks, and as much as 28 percent of worker have their lunch infrequently or do not have their lunch at all. Especially with the recession hitting the market, such practice among the workers has increased. It is an example of relentless stress that the workers are going through which has got a deep impact on the physical health conditions of the individuals.

Taking suggestions from Peter Gaum Santa Barbara snacks bars turn out to be a convenient solution to all these hardworking professionals. Just unwrapping they set them ready to go. No special lunch breaks, no wastage of time, and complete nutrition are what these snacks bars provide. With the dynamic workplaces growing rapidly, it hardly gives time to the professionals to find time for lunch breaks. These dynamic substitutes help them to maintain their health while working hard.

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