Optimizing every aspect of a business can help it run smoothly and save a lot of money over time. This includes the network infrastructure that’s being used. Top SD-WAN vendors nowadays make it easier to transition from older tech to low-cost SD-WAN technology.

Whether a company is looking for tech that can help with connectivity for a new setup or to replace a costly one like Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is the best choice out of the many software-defined networks.


Many offices do not monitor the upstream and downstream traffic. A lot of IT teams aren’t equipped to monitor the quality of service (QoS) that connected computers get from the main network. This is a big issue since one important aspect of a business may be run through a specific application. If that’s the case, that application should get priority over everything else.

Top SD-WAN vendors make it possible for IT staffs to manage which applications get the preferential treatment when it comes to the transfer of data. Instead of queueing invoices together with files to be printed, a properly configured QoS setting will upload the invoices immediately. Trying to implement a similar strategy on traditional WAN is incredibly complicated.


The tech that comes with SD-WAN isn’t what sells it to most businesses. In fact, it’s that fact that they can save a lot of money by transitioning their current tech to this new one. When comparing the bandwidth costs that come from an MPLS service to the centralized distribution of SD-WAN, the latter is always more affordable.

An example given above is the capability of SD-WAN to prioritize traffic from certain applications over anything else. MPLS is also capable of doing this, but it’s not really ideal. Since this type of connection relies on rented lines, you are putting premium level connection to waste by not using them until a high priority packet comes through.



SD-WAN allows and sometimes even encourages employees to check on their work remotely. If they’re outside the workplace and they come up with a good strategy for their department’s next move, they’ll be able to upload the corresponding data anywhere. Since SD-WAN supports most existing protocols, the device and the type of connection does not matter.


By having a centralized means of connecting every personnel of a company, it’s easier to monitor what data goes in and out. Executives with administrator level privileges may also be able to check who’s trying to view which files. Having the ability to instantly access something without having to depend on an email will be welcomed by all the staff.


Companies that utilize cloud services will find it easier and faster to have the SD-WAN connection serve as the middleman of sorts. Not everyone may have the same speed that the company’s network has. For example, an employee can upload at an almost LAN speed to the company’s network while the company uploads it to the cloud using its premium connection.
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