Horse racing is a sport in which two or more horses take part and their speed, strength and endurance is tested rigorously. Horses are majestic and when they are put to compete against each other, it is nothing short of a magnificent spectacle.

Brief History

Horse racing dates back to ancient times and is among the most popular sports since the beginning of recorded history. Civilisations around the world have been practicing horse racing for centuries. It was a prominent competition in Ancient Rome, Babylon and Egypt. Even ancient Greek Olympics held competitions of horse racing. High British society even referred to it as “Sport of Kings”.

The Sport Today

In the present age, horse racing continues to be a popular event enjoyed by people coming from all walks of life. It is also a huge contributor to the economy, since the betting linked with it generates revenue of over $100 billion a year. The event can be attended and enjoyed by whole family while absorbing some fresh air and it usually costs less than some other professional sports like soccer and basketball. A majority of racetracks charge no admission fee and some even permit you to bring along your own food.

You get to spend a lovely evening outdoors with family while witnessing these majestic animals perform at the best of their physical abilities. To add to the excitement, you can even put your gambling skills and luck to test by betting on horses. If your horse wins, you can make a jackpot out of it.


Although “betting” may seem straightforward and easy in general situations, it is a different ball game in horse racing. You need to take several factors into account while making a bet to enhance your chances of winning. The most successful betters know this very well.

You can pick from two categories of wagers: the straight wager (recommended for beginners) and exotic wagers. The key difference between these two categories is that the straight wager allows you to bet on one horse only, whereas, the exotic wager gives you the option to bet on multiple horses. You can place your bets on the track as well as online.

You can even bet through BlueBet App, which is a reliable bookmaker, contains all the right information and gives you the best odds and trustworthy results. Acquiring proper information about the sport and the event is essential before placing a bet.

Useful Tips

When it comes to picking the right horse that you think is going to win, you need to have a combination of luck and skill. Following are some useful tips on selecting the horse to bet on:

  • First up, learn to comprehend the race day program, as it contains very useful information that will assist you in making smarter bets.
  • Do some research on the horse that you have in mind. Checkout its history in the particular class it is racing in, how it has previously performed on the given surface type and also its past experience with the jockey.
  • Pay a visit to the paddock and assess the horse’s behaviour. All the horses have good and bad days.

Even with all the preparation and tips in mind, you can never be certain of anything as the lady luck can strike at any time. This only goes on to make the sport more exciting.

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