A printed or graphic t-shirt is a t-shirt which has adesign, image or lettering on it. For labels, printed t-shirt is a bulk volume product which needs no specific manufacturing and provides ahealthy margin. For buyers, it is a medium to satisfy the fashion hunger in casual yet quirky style. The renewed craze of graphic t-shirts is surely a phenomenon,and both online and offline stores are keepingwide ranges of printed t-shirts to allure new age consumers.

Just like the entire world, printed t-shirts for men Indiahas many genres like concert tees, merchandise tees, tour tees, art tees, etc. Following are some do’s and don’ts of getting it right.

  • Make sure it fits you: Choose a size and shape that complements your body type. In this case, not ‘too tight’ or ‘too loose’ but a straight fit that doesn’t squeeze sides yet hides your bulges. For length, a t-shirt should hit the halfway down the zipper of your pant. Anything longer might get you a snark “Is that dress?’’
  • Retro orQuirky? It’s a t-shirt, and you should have fun and flaunt it. Not only that, wearing suitable artwork or design is also an important factor. Nowadays retro tees are coming back to the fashion. The old school band tees of Queen or Doors are still hotcakes for people who love music, especially rock band culture. At the same time, quirky and witty t-shirts are in demand among the new age tee One liner, abstract designs, cool artwork enrich the variety and let the consumers choose accordingly. But do not choosesomething too loud or obnoxious that doesn’t go with your age or personality.


  • Bright colors or neutral ones: A statement tee can go wrong if the line is too loud or indigestible or it is written on a body of flashy neon colors. Choose wisely so that it doesn’t show you as immature or wannabe. The punch of the statement on sophisticated pale hues or black tees is nice to look at.
  • Clear Graphic: Do not go for a tacky slogan or cluttered design. A simple but classic visual comes across strikingly because there’s a difference between kitsch and art. Don’t rush to cheap local shop where thequality of the fabric is compromised. Washing and cleaningthe tee should not fade the print instantly.

Accessorize your printed tee properly so that you won’t look like a cartoon. If you want to buy it online, check websites to see the ranges, read the reviews about graphic, quality of fabric, color status and the return policy too and then buy it. Take care of your favorite graphic t-shirt and be happy.

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