Movavi Photo Editor is a must have if you snap photos for the purpose of showing them to others. Everyone wants their photos to look best when they show to others. Editing the photo with a photo editing software is necessary if you are thinking of sharing it in the public at online services such as Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want people to view your photos and comment on it, you must make sure that the photo is in the best condition without any prominent flaw.

Movavi picture edit software gives you the ability to work on multiple photos at the same time. There is an add files and add folder button on top. You should click the Add Folder button if you have a folder of photos to add so that you don’t have to click on each photo to open them manually. When there are a lot of photos opened and you just want to edit a single photo, you must select the photo with your mouse first. If you want to edit all the photos at once, you don’t have to select any image file.


It is very common for people to shoot photos with objects that they don’t intended for them to be there. It is normal for people to be forgetful of removing these things when they want to shoot the photo. Anything could appear in the photo at the time when you are taking the photo for example structures, buildings, strangers, and powerline. These objects may make you look funny in the photo so you don’t want them to be there.

It is very easy to use the object removal tool to touch up the photo by removing every single unwanted object that is acting as an obstacle. You simply use the red brush tool to mark it and have it removed. The object removal tool helps you to retain the main subject in the photo without having to waste your time to reshoot the photo. The photo will look normal as it wasn’t edited in any way.

There is a large collection of photo effects that you can found under the Effects tab. The photo effects are categorized into four categories including classic, artistic, textures and color filters. You can click on each of the photo effect to see how it look on your photo. Under Rotate tab, you can rotate the photo to make it look better based on your own creativity. If you notice that your photo isn’t straight, you can straighten it up by dragging the angle slider under Straighten. If you click on the Level tool, a lot of dotted line will appear on the photo to serve as a visual guide for you to straighten the photo.

Movavi Photo Editor allows you to change the image size by using the Resize tool. The Image size dialog box will state the current image size. You can enter the new width and height pf the photo. You can also specify the new resolution for the photo.

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