Blog outreach is an effective way of boosting SEO traffic. However, many companies only have time for marketing their core products or services and hardly leave time for creating meaningful posts for their blogs. Blogger outreach service companies come in handy to help such firms reach out to established sites and bloggers. Their primary task is to publish posts that talk about their products on such sites while including the relevant keywords to guide visitor links back to their website. This form of blog outreach is achieved through guest posting, which helps develop relationships with the influencer sites and creates new opportunities. Blog posting isn’t just about finding the right guest blogging services but also creating content that feels natural. Here’s how a blogger outreach agency achieves this.

Find the Right Bloggers for your Posts

The SEO needs of your client should help you find the right influencer. The most effective way is to reach out to people within the client’s circle. Your client may share the same audience, but the agency will create different content from what the influencer uses to draw traffic. There are three types of influencers:

  • Mega-influencers: They have the largest number of followers, usually 500,000-1 million. Their engagement rates are also pretty high.
  • Macro-influencers: They have a relatively small following (100,000-500,000) and a moderate engagement rate.
  • Micro-influencers: They have less than 100,000 followers, though extremely engaging. Sites settle for these influencers when working on a budget.

Build a Relationship with the Influencers

You want to create a healthy relationship with the influencer before sending an email. A blogger outreach service company achieves this by:

  • Following the influencer on social media
  • Commenting on their posts
  • Tagging them on articles posted on social media
  • Sharing content that the influencers have posted
  • Replying to their updates or content that they have shared

Send an Outreach Email

This step is also referred to as cold emailing. There are hundreds of other sites looking to use the influencer’s outreach services, so your email needs to stand out. You can personalise your email by using their name, being specific and telling them why you want to use their services. Remind them of previous interactions and why your content is essential.

Monitor Your Campaigns

If you are sending outreach emails to several influencers, ensure you are meeting your goals and achieving the results you want, i.e., increased conversion or traffic. You can accomplish this by tracking metrics like the bounce rate, the number of new visitors to the client’s site and the number of Facebook likes, among other performance measures.

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