There have been some pre-conceived notions about the Church associated in the society. Does it need to change? The answer to this would depend completely on how one apprehends the role of Church in the community. Enhancing the involvement of the community and Church would definitely require one to change his or her perception about the churches. Nowadays, while visiting any of the mega-churches, a 21st-century concept altogether, one would definitely not find a Choir that has 100 voices signing in synchrony. Neither does the 10 piece Praise and Worship band exist in these modern day Churches.

It is quite unfortunate for human beings that they still couldn’t upgrade themselves in all the peripheries of life, and that makes life miserable for them. Churches are much beyond a mode of entertainment, having a large number of people attending their services. There’s no point in just attending the talk shows or sermon reading which would speak only about empowerment rather than practicing it. Nowadays, names like Westside Family Church have actually turned out to be the lifeline of a society- a unique place that would actually work for bringing and instilling the changes in the lives of the people.

Anyone, either staying or not in America, must have heard of their largest retail store Wal-Mart. While they started as a mere chain business delivering the day to day items in life, they thought of going beyond and work something out. Hence they started building Supercenters even in the distant villages so that people from there do not need to drive all the way to the cities to have their regular things met. The very convenience of having everything located under the same roof is a multimillion dollar secret. This is how a small marketing strategy makes the name completely apprehendable.

The modern day Churches are like these Supercenters, who being the Bible based solution centers simply counsel to any problem and fix it under all circumstances. In order to have this attained, every Church has made sure to have access to all the resources they need, so that they can provide guidance to every individual who comes for a solution and can guide them with the God’s word. They have not only restricted themselves to these preaching and individual solution making. They have even started working for the community.

While people slowly get to be aware of how this Westside Family Church Lenexa KS have got proximity with the services offered, they even grow association with them and try working together as well. The least of the effort put in making the lives within a community better will help in letting the entire mankind progress towards that day which dreams of mutual harmony.

Involving the young crowd in these activities is what the Westside Family Church looks forward to because that is exactly how you build your nation up. Not only the present needs to be mended, but also the future should be built. These churches have always been striving to shape up the future of the community.

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