Every so often, a revolutionary material comes along that opens endless possibilities for new products and improvements to existing products. One of the best examples of that in recent years has been the creation of graphene. This incredibly strong, thin material is made of pure carbon and has an unimaginable potential for a wide array of applications.

Graphene had an interesting discovery process. Occasionally observed through accidental formation and long imagined by scientists in a conceptual way, it was stabilized and made usable in 2004 after over 40 years of experimentation and research. It is the strongest material ever tested and is incredibly thin and lightweight.

The Grolltex Corporation is a major player in the graphene market, and they have reached that status by building their brand with some specific characteristics.

Competitive Advantage

The biggest barrier to new uses of graphene has been the cost of the material, and that’s why Grolltex has been able to push to the front of the field. Its CVD graphene process has proven to yield quality graphene at a lower price than competitors. In fact, their name is drawn directly from the name of their production process–graphene rolling technologies.

The benefits of their superior cost structure are obvious. A manufacturer can more effectively meet its desired price point with a graphene-based product if it can find a way to save money on sourcing the graphene. With that advantage, the manufacturer is able to expand sales and, consequently, increase its consumption of graphene, to the benefit of Grolltex and its continued growth.

Diverse Applications

What makes graphene so promising is that it can be used in so many ways. We are still learning more about what it can do with its conductivity, low weight, thin structure, and transparency. Researchers in all types of fields are somewhat overwhelmed at the possibilities.

That versatility is another reason that Grolltex is such a strong company. With their lower cost structure, they’ll be the first source many graphene users will talk to as they begin to develop products, and Grolltex will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of new developments for the use of graphene.

A Specialized Product

Diversification is a virtue in many different situations. It’s the best way to structure investments, and many retail businesses can effectively hedge against various market forces by offering a wide array of products. At the same time, there is a lot of “noise” in that situation as personnel work to balance the demands of various offerings.

Although graphene is likely to be used in more products, it remains a very specialized product in and of itself. Like information technology, graphene is a very small base from which a huge number of platforms have developed. By focusing their efforts strictly on quality graphene production, Grolltex is capturing the best of both worlds: They have a product that they can focus on without the distractions of other product lines, yet they’re sending their graphene out in countless directions for countless different purposes.

We are only scratching the surface today of what graphene can do. As we’ve noted, researchers in many fields are working every day to solve their toughest problems by using graphene, and in the long run, its market will only grow bigger and more diverse. With their affordable process for yielding high-quality, clean graphene, Grolltex is positioned to become a powerful force in the economy.

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