When I expected, the pickup truck makes a perfect entry level RC Cars at a great price. Whether the newbie is an older individual or youthful I believe this RC Car would be a nice introduction in to the hobby. It is good deal of fast to keep most newbies entertained for a long time.

One of  GPTOYS Foxx S911 favorite reasons for having the truck id the fact that it’s water substantiation. As for many who are more capable I believe this pickup truck could be of interest. The size of the truck makes it easy to put into a back pack or a small duffel tote and doesn’t take up much room, so that it would be ideal to bring on trips since it is much easier to transport than say a 1/10 scale or much larger RC.

Maybe it’s interesting also if one doesn’t have a huge area to drive in, but still loves to drive off road. It is with the capacity of driving a car in relatively brief grass, I’ve powered it in grass around someone to one and a half inches tall with no problems.

It really is defiantly more off road capable when compared to a 1/18th level rc cars. I’ve influenced two other likewise priced 1/12 size RC’s and the GPTOYS Foxx S911 compares to them pretty well. The other RC’s I brought up are the Wltoy L969 and the Yikong Viper (Brief Course). I really believe the GPTOYS Foxx S911  is the quickest of the three out of the field .

I don’t possess a great deal of flat surfaces close by to do appropriate speed operates, nor the correct equipment, but so far I have got the truck up to 23 mph with the stock battery pack. I have several 2s lipos from 1100 mah to 1500 that fit into the battery case that I have been screening with alongside of the stock 9.6 power supply. On 2s, there may be a slight damage in “punch” but not much difference in top quickness. Considering the development of the vehicle, I feel love of GPTOYS Foxx S911 and it is manufactured well.

The pickup truck has experienced several near top speed crashes into concrete buildings and also ankles and it is okay. I’ve yet to test the truck on any jumps, but I am going to update about how it manages this later. The pick up truck seems to fairly durable and if I had to imagine of any disadvantages on the truck I’d say the a-arms and the differentials are the likeliest weak spots on the pickup truck. It has several metal components in important locations like steel diff out drives, metal dog bone fragments, and material rims.

When I observed the truck I expected that it might be really light in weight, too light to drive, but I had been amazed with the weight of the truck. It is just heavy enough, but not too heavy to impede the motor’s performance. Overall, I believe this truck is really worth the price tag it holds and can be fun for both beginners and experienced drivers.

Possible Mods:

Smaller Tires– Could be useful to have if you intend to drive the car on pavement or perhaps a make shift keep track of. Would increase the GPTOYS Foxx S911 truck’s handling.

Oiled stuffed Shocks or stiffer springs- The stock shocks are really soft, they are fine for bashing (mud, gravel, etc.), but for travelling on pavement or jumping I feel that stiffer shocks would help. I don’t believe it might be very difficult to find olive oil filled shocks to fit the truck.

Pros of GPTOYS Foxx S911:

  • Adjustable Body Post
  • Adjustable Great shock Towers
  • Soft auto tires with reasonable tread
  • Seems to be durable
  • Convenient size
  • Controller easily changes from kept handed to right handed
  • Water proof
  • Great Value
  • Cheap Parts Several Material Components

Cons of GPTOYS Foxx S911:

  • Shocks are friction, not olive oil filled
  • Controller
  • Tires aren’t glued


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