Public transportation is a huge investment for every city in every country. Citizens must feel confident that all is being done to protect their safety. We all bear a deep duty and obligation as a driver of a motor vehicle. Whether we drive a truck, taxi, school bus, or personal car, we must keep people safe. Commercial and institutional industries know and understand how difficult it is to be a bus driver or trucker. It is grueling to work long hours at maximum attention and concentration. Being on the road for long periods of time, traveling great distances, in all kinds of weather and conditions will test anyone’s patience and endurance.


Having the right equipment makes any job easier. Heated wiper blades are one of the most significant devices that approach peace of mind on the road for both drivers and passengers. They offer the best choice for difficult weather conditions. It also makes it a lot easier to see through the windshield glass during the winter months. Additionally, this allows for one less thing to worry about.

Sensors add another layer of peace of mind. They routinely scan for moisture and wetness. When it is detected the heated wiper blades turn on automatically. The driver is free to focus on the road without having to activate additional buttons or switches.

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 Year Round Transport

Commerce and trade are built on a reliability of product delivery. Roads, freeways, and bridges connect villages, cities, and countries in one large transportation network. Bad weather crosses all boundaries. Industry best practices specify that steps need to be taken to assure timely and safe arrival.  A company’s fleet may consist of passenger buses, school buses, transport trucks or industrial vehicles. Their success is built on financial revenues. No matter how bad the weather gets large products and people must safely reach their destination without unnecessary delay. If a driver needs to leave the vehicle to scrape ice and snow off the windshield, blades, and pivot joints the company’s reputation will suffer. Time and money are forever lost.


The winter season presents several unique, yearly challenges. The most common are long trip interruptions and delays. At the best of times, traffic delays due to closed or blocked access and equipment failures are contributing factors.  The worst case scenario is fatal accidents due to poor of nonexistent visibility. There are things within our control others not at all. Keeping the fleet of vehicles fully equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology is a controllable choice. It the long run this will save money, build trust and company reputation; ultimately driving healthy global revenues.

Built to Last!

Blinding snow, iced-up frozen blades, and freezing temperatures are a tough test to pass. Heated wiper blades meet the highest performance standards. They successfully clear debris and improve productivity. Find the right place and select products that can be counted on, with a no-hassle guarantee. Your vehicles will be able to operate all year long. Go in the snow with superiority safety, ease, and peace of mind!

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