Sweatshirt is one of the essential items for both men and women during the winter days. They are usually made of cotton or polyesters and can be half, full or even sleeveless. It is cozy comfortable as well as looks traditional. The sweatshirts are quite reasonable though the price depends on the fabric, design, length of the sleeve and whether it has hoodie or not.

Types of sweatshirts

Sweatshirts come in several styles ranging from the ones army people or the athletics use to the uses that are used for general purpose. The several classifications of sweatshirts are explained below.

  • Hoodie sweatshirts: Here the sweatshirts are complimented with a hoodie. It may or may not have a front zipper. It is commonly used by the athletics during their outdoor practices. The hoods provide comfort to the shoulder, ears, nose and obviously the head. The ones without front opening are usually loose and provide comfort at home.Image result for Sweatshirt
  • Track jacket sweatshirts: They provide a complete athletic look especially when paired up with sweatpants. They usually have a front opening and do not have a hood. Instead they tend to have collars. Most of the times they have pockets in both sides making it easier to keep essential items for the wearer. They look like usual jackets but are made of cotton or some blend of polyesters.
  • Crew sweatshirts: The crew sweatshirts are most common and widely available. They are usually available in a wide range of colors, design and fabrics. They have wide neck and usually do not have front zippers or hood. They tend to have a single pocket near the bottom of the sweatshirt. It can contain a quite a lot of things but tend to bulge out and are little unsafe also. The sweatshirts usually have stretcher material which makes it easier to put on especially for women.

Material for sweatshirts

The fabric of the sweatshirts usually decides the comfort level of the wearer. The common materials that are usually used are explained below.

  • Fleece: It is a synthetic fiber that is made with soft nap. It has variable thickness and is usually insulating and soft. It is very suitable for the army people and athletics since it provides protection from moisture. But it has a fixed texture and cannot be decorated with different unique designs.  
  • Cotton: Cotton is the most common and widely used material for sweatshirts. It is appropriate for mild winter days or for wearing indoors.

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