Laser lipo is a pretty new technology that has been approved by the FDA recently as a method for removing unnecessary fat in particular areas of the body. With this modern technology, the disadvantages associated with the conventional liposuction process can be forgotten.

This procedure involves the usage of a minimally-invasive technology for fat elimination. The fat is melted via the laser after coming into contact through the minute slit made in the particular area of treatment. This melted fat is then removed from the body straightaway through the lymphatic system. The physician adjusts the intensity of the laser according to the needs of the patient. Laser liposuction treatment necessitates the use of local anesthesia only due to which the recovery period is reduced drastically.Image result for Get rid of Unnecessary Body Fats from the areas that are Problematic to Treat

The supporters of this technique state that it is a quicker process, more efficient with less hurting and recovery time. The usage of anesthesia is supposedly reduced too. However, it is important to keep in mind that like any other medical procedures; this procedure also comes with certain risks such as burns. Thus, it is very important to choose a physician who is well-trained and qualified so that the region where the laser is applied does not get burnt. Sono Bello is a renowned clinic in the United States that offers micro-laser lipo with TriSculpt performed by the highly trained physicians who are certified by the board. With TriSculpt, you can definitely get slenderer, more toned, and natural looking results that you have been searching for.

Sono Bello’s TriSculpt™ process permits the physicians to modify the process in order to give you the best results. There are three aspects to the TriSculpt procedure which include:

Laser-assisted liposuction: The micro-laser that is used is so minute that is can contour small areas that are more problematic to treat, such as under the chin and upper arms. This technique evens out the work performed by the power-assisted liposuction and fuels collagen formation which can assist in skin tightening by producing an even appearance to the areas that have been treated.

Power-assisted liposuction: Sono Bello’s surgeons use power-assisted technologies to efficiently eliminate most of unnecessary fat, particularly in large areas of the body.

Awake localized anesthesia: All through the procedure, the patient remains conscious as he/she receives local anesthesia in the treatment areas. This permits the patient to interact with the physician during the procedure. It also enables the physicians to give best results as they can place the patient in the ideal way possible to treat each area. Moreover, certain medications are provided to the patient so that they can feel relaxed and comfortable.

So, with this micro-laser lipo process, you can enjoy the advantages of modern technology with the capability of the skilled physicians.

As a real national leader in body contouring, Sono Bello is able to secure wonderful financing choices with top tier cosmetic financing corporations. Their repute with these corporations allows prolonging multiple plans to make the procedure affordable for most of the customers.

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