Our face is one of the most important aspects of our identity and personality and it is very important to ensure that the overall appearance of the face is not compromised with. However, the face is also that portion of the body that remains uncovered and is thus exposed to all forms of pollutants and other environmental factors. Therefore, the face, though the most sensitive part of the body, goes through the roughest of patches throughout the day. Owed to this constant exposure, facial muscles as well as the facial skin tend to lose their youthful charm and firmness very soon and is often a cause of great worry for people.

Sono Bello is one of the premiere face and body contouring clinics in the U.S and it offers dedicated services in the domain of face lifts. This speciality clinic employs expert cosmetic surgeons and physicians who offer their services in the field of face contouring.  This multi city speciality unit is highly preferred by people across Unites States due to the following reasons:Image result for Get Reliable Face Contouring Done With A Reputed Clinic

  • The organization employs highly trained professionals
  • The organization has vast experience of having performed over 65,000 procedures till date
  • The facility has state of the art infrastructure
  • This clinic also gives easy finance options to patients.
  • Sono Bello gives its client personalized attention and customizes procedures as per individual needs.  
  • This facility is spread across 32 locations worldwide.
  • They use all standard FDA approved technologies
  • Their procedures are minimally invasive
  • They specialize in performing procedures with the use of general anaesthesia.

Which portions of the face are usually considered for face lift procedures?

  • The neck, Jawline, eyes and eyebrows are the primary areas where the facelift procedures are performed.
  • The jawline area tends to droop with age necessitating the use of facelift procedures to get a sculpted face.
  • The area right beside the eyes develop crow’s feet like wrinkles which can easily be removed with the help of these face contouring technologies.
  • Puffed areas below the eyes can also be got rid of using the face contouring technology.
  • Drooping brows that are seen as a result of addition of unwanted body mass and sagging skin can also be treated with face contouring procedures.

In order to perform the face contouring procedure, expert cosmetic surgeons use micro-laser which is a FDA approved technology. With the help of this technology collagen production is augmented in the sagging areas which results in skin tightening and a resultant face lift.

Also, when the face lift procedure is performed, patients are given local anaesthesia to prevent any kind of discomfort. The anaesthetics working with this facility have expertise in their domain and can handle all kinds of complicated procedures with ease.

Therefore, it can be adequately summarized stating that people in need of a good facelift job can always consult with the experts who are associated with Sono Bello as they are not only highly proficient in their domain but have also extensive knowledge in the field too. These professionals can guarantee the best results in face contouring at the most affordable prices.