Success of the health goal largely depends on proper planning. With the changes in the daily lifestyle the majority of the population is in the grip of diseases. Obesity and hypertension are two common health issues most of the people across the globe are suffering with.  Some studies suggested that the main cause of such considerable increase in obesity is due to the food habit, work style and stress. Thus it is important for everyone to plan their diet and daily routine appropriately to avoid redundant ailments.

Significance of protein diet

Protein is an important nutrient for human body required in huge amount for repairing and building tissues. Protein is the building block of body and also synthesis’s important enzymes and hormones for proper functioning of body.  High protein flour is a great source of protein that can be consumed daily as roti and other baked food items.

Roti is an essential part of every Indian household and liked by people of all age groups. Thus by replacing the regular flour with high protein flour you can enhance the health of whole family with maintaining the taste as before.

Avoid nutrient deficiency

Protein deficiency in diet could lead to serious health problems such as Marasmus, Kwashiorkor Cachexia, etc. but with adequate amount of protein body can fight effectively against obesity, diabetes, high BP, bad cholesterol, etc. Thus while planning the meal first understand the nutrient value of each food and then add to your diet accordingly. Natural protein rich food such as egg, beans, milk, cheeses, seafood, high fiber grain, high protein flour, etc. are best choice to fill the daily protein requirements of body.

Evaluate the flour quality

This is a misconception that protein is only for bodybuilder and sportsperson. Though they required in high amount for their gaining strong muscle and accelerating performance but protein is equally important for those who want to maintain proper body weight and improve energy irrespective of the age. Thus choose flour from reputed brand so that you can rely on the quality and effectiveness of the food product and enjoy the meal with great satisfaction.

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