Russia has a special place in the history as many great revolutions took place at most of the cities in the country. Many influential leaders have taken part in various revolutions in different years and have fought for the right of the peasants as well as to bring in economic stability in the country. These Russian leaders are praised by most of the people not only in their country but on the global platform too. Orlando Figes states about the violence and the bloodshed that has been seen in many deadly wars. However, these leaders have gathered the people from every class like the commoners to the soldiers to create a better Russia according to their vision.

Best Russian Leaders

Many Russian leaders came, organized some of the events and then went away for years where no historian or any research scholar was able to trace any concrete information about them. However, these three top leaders have left their mark on the history and played a crucial role in bringing up the present Russia. Even Orlando Figes who is a writer, as well as history professor from Russia, has held these three top leaders as one of the pivots of development of present day Russia. He has introduced about these leaders role in making the present day Russian society through the writings.

Let us have a look:-

  • Lenin: The great socialist and the communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov also known as Lenin was one of the most influential leaders of Russia. Firstly, he transformed the whole country into a socialist and after that turned it into the communist country. The leader also created the communist state with the Soviet Union that was a one party and he governed that with the Communist Party of Russia. Lenin developed his own philosophies that came to be known as Leninism and were influenced by the teachings of the renowned writer Karl Marx.
  • Joseph Stalin: Stalin was another influential leader who played an important role in the Russian Revolution. He took the control of Soviet Union in the year 1920 and was leading the country until his death in the year 1953. Most of the people rated him as dictator as many massacres and the atrocities happened under his rule. According to reports, most of the massacres that happened in the prisons, battlefield or in and around the provinces of Russia was ordered by Stalin. He ruled the country with an iron grip as whosoever opposed him was eliminated.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev: Another important leader of Russia and the General Secretary of the Communist Party until it collapsed in the year 1991. He was also the Head of the State of Soviet Union until it was dissolved. Even under his rule, the role of Communist party also ended. Gorbachev was keen on putting an end to the Cold War and is known for his efforts to maintain peace between the Global powers.

Lastly, it can be seen that the influential leaders of Russia have played a pivotal role in leading the country towards war and peace as mentioned by the historians.

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