Forskolin supplements are popular for their weight loss properties and are made from the extracts of a plant known as the Indian Coleus or the Coleus forskohlin or just as the Forskolin plant or the Coleus plant. This plant is originally from countries in the Southeast Asian regions. Forskolin is the compound that is present in the roots and leaves of the plant.  Today the supplements have ardent fans from all over the world for its amazing fat loss benefits.

Know more about the Forskolin plant

The scientific name of the plant is Plectranthus barbatus. It is one of the mint family plants.  It was also used as a form of tea as well. If you wish to grow it in your garden, you should know a thing or two. One, it can be both, an indoor as well as an outdoor plant. Though it comes from warmer regions, it can be grown as an annual shrub in cooler countries such as the US. Though a good amount of sunlight is crucial for its growth, it gels well with partial shade as well. The soil has to maintain a pH level ranging from 6.4 to 7.9. The way to ensure the desired pH levels is to mix the soil with amendment and compost. You need to give a good space to the plant so that it can grow without obstacles and it can grow pretty tall.  It needs to be watered regularly.

Points to know about Forskolin supplements

The traditional medicines made from the plant extracts followed ancient techniques. It was either powdered or even administered traditionally brewed as a tea. The process of making medicines from the extracts may differ and depend on the country where it is made. In most of the traditional medicine systems, the roots of the plant as well as the shoots are dried under sun and then these are stored after cutting them into pieces. These are powdered or crushed as what is prescribed and given to patients.

Forskolin supplements on the other hand are manufactured synthetically but buy using the plant extracts. Studies have shown that the supplements in addition to aiding weight loss, also helps in enhancing the functions of cardiovascular organs as it helps in relaxing blood vessels. It also has the potential to benefit pulmonary functions as well. It also helps produce cAMP which is beneficial to improve physiological processes of the body.

At the same time, one should be careful regarding its use. Those who are taking other medicines or who are suffering from high blood pressure or breathing problems such as asthma should not use the supplement. Also, those who have gastric ulcer, kidney or liver disease and pregnant and lactating women should not use the supplement either.

Another point one should remember is to refrain from using it on your own. Even if you are growing the plant in your garden, do not try to make the extracts on your own and use. May be, it will not be effective at all like that.

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