When it comes to getting your wardrobe ready for summer, the weather doesn’t bring as much excitement for men as it does for women. Dressing sharp and chic becomes difficult for most men during the hot and humid weather. This is the time when your go-to outfits mostly consists of t-shirts, shorts, chinos and sometimes jeans which makes it difficult to stand out from others. But you can make your individual style shine by paying attention to details and the accessories. Footwear, the importance of which is often overlooked is an important part of all stylish men’s wardrobe and summer brings plenty of options to spruce up your shoe game. So if you don’t know which shoes to stock up your wardrobe with, here is your guide to help you choose the best and look handsome even in the hot weathers.

  1. Loafers

A must have style for all the stylish gentlemen, is great for a cool and preppy summer look. Available in a range of colours and style such as penny loafer, tassel loafer etc. they are extremely versatile and can be worn to a number of occasion. They are similar to moccasin when it comes to ease and functionality. However, unlike moccasin it also features a low heel which adds to its polished look. You can trade off your work shoes for stylish loafers and look all chic and elegant. Look up men loafers online shopping for men online and find the best and the latest of men’s loafer to update your existing collection with.

     2.Boat shoes

Originally designed in 1953 by Paul A Sperry to prevent sailors from slipping in boats, the style soon became a classic and is a must have for all stylish men. Sperry was a sailor and a boater and was only looking for a way to find a solution to his everyday problem. However, the shoe has an ageless appeal and is great especially for summer. You can very well pair them with Oxford shirts and chinos as well as with shorts/ jeans and t-shirts and never fail to make a mark with your style.

      3.Leather sandals

Leather sandals are not only elegant but great stylish option during summer months when you don’t really want your feet to be covered. Opt for a simple and utilitarian style with wide cut foot straps to make sure that it is comfortable and looks good on your feet. You can choose from different colours such as black, brown and tan etc. Moreover you can practically wear them with almost everything in your wardrobe be it jeans, shorts or chinos.


Ideal for summer, they are great for those of you who like to keep things simple. They are practical and versatile and are sure to give you the much needed oomph to your casual look. Wear them with tees, shorts or jeans and look attractive.

      5.Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are another great option to try this summer. They are fashionable, airy and have plenty of room to make sure that your feet are comfortable they look best when paired with casual outfit. Canvas shoes can be found in a variety of colours. You can choose the one that goes with your personality and style.


Espadrilles are ideal for summer season. They are usually made from canvas and cotton fabric etc. and are extremely comfortable. Get the best of casual look with stylish espadrilles and wear them to casual outings such as outdoor gatherings and festivals. You can further choose between flat espadrilles or heeled ones and further experiment with different colours and patterns.

Summer wardrobes are very different from that of winter and one thing that can make you stand out is the choice of shoes you team with your outfit. Apart from the above mentioned styles you can also opt for brogues, sneakers, driving bucks etc. and make sure that your personality stands out from other. Update your shoe collection with these must have shoes and always look your fashionable best.

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