When wall space is at a premium, it pays to think creatively about storage. Clever lightweight shelving that won’t mark your walls and can easily be dismantled and brought to your next home is the ideal way to create storage with style.

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Go modular

Lightweight storage units that don’t need tools to fix them together are ideal when your storage needs might change. There are plenty of brands out there, or you could get creative with cardboard storage boxes or even wooden pallets. This type of storage is ideal for slotting under the stairs to make the most of some dead space.

Flat pack flexibility

There are plenty of lightweight flat pack storage solutions that can be used to make the most of those dead spaces under the stairs or over a door. You can always customise the look by spraying or painting your flat pack a different colour, or by upscaling any backing material with photos or wallpaper. The big advantage of flat pack, of course, is that it can be quickly and easily disassembled for moving.

Divide and conquer

Using a room divider is the smartest way to add plenty of storage to your home without needing a single wall. A cost-effective and very modern solution is the kind of light-duty shelving that is used in garages and workshops. This can look effortlessly contemporary and resembles some designed units that cost thousands of pounds. Source it from a website like https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/33-light-duty-shelving for an affordable and on-trend look.

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Get industrial

Do you love the look of the String storage system but can’t afford it? You can try mimicking its lightweight feel and modularity with a tubular shelving system with hardwood shelves. It’s not quite designer, but it’s affordable and lightweight and can be easily moved to another location when required. Light duty shelving is another way to get the industrial look on a budget.

Freestanding freedom

Lightweight yet freestanding shelving is a great way to make an impact and maximise storage, especially if you invest in unusual materials like tropical wood or powder-coated metal. Look for shelving that is completely self supporting or needs only a couple of screws in the wall to stabilise it. Freestanding pieces make a great room divider, or they can be used a focal point for your living room.

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