Car accident personal injury cases are quite common all over the world. Every year thousands of such cases are filed in the court. So it’s important that you be careful while driving on the road. In case, you couldn’t escape your misfortune then the only way to get out of it is through hiring a car accident or personal injury lawyer. If you are a resident of Philadelphia then you have the Rand Spear Firm to yourself to advocate you out of your case.

What are the five situations when you have to hire a car accident lawyer?

It is true that you can handle your own case if you want but then there are situations when you may have to hire a lawyer to help you out. Here are the six main situations when you have to seek help from a lawyer:

  1. If the fault is not yours but because the police case is not filed properly you have been shifted to the negative limelight. In this situation it is best to seek a lawyer since, the person at fault determines who should be held for damages.
  2. In cases where serious injuries have taken place you should definitely go for a lawyer. A lawyer such as the Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear can get you your full range of damages that you deserve.
  3. When your vehicle have endured a significant amount of damage it is the duty of the at-fault party or his insurance company to pay for your damages. A lawyer would be necessary in this case.
  4. It is in the nature of the insurance companies to try to evade from their promises. But with the help of a lawyer such as the Rand Spear Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney you can get your maximum recovery.
  5. In cases the compensation provided by the insurance companies is too low to cover the damages caused. An attorney can help you with that.

These are the main situations when you shouldn’t be ignoring the need to hire an attorney and save yourself from the unwanted troubles.

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