There are many reasons to place a new rug in your home, and just as many great reasons to utilise wool as the material. Wool has been used for centuries to create clothing, rugs, carpeting, and more, and its benefits are what keep it popular to this day. This is truly the king of all rug materials, and once you have a new rug placed in your home, you will understand why it was the best option to choose.


Wool is exceptionally strong, and its durability tests overshadow every other material option on the market today without exception. In fact, durability tests have found that it takes more than 10,000 bends to break a wool fibre, which is extremely incredible compared to the mere 2,400 bends it takes to break silk. Rayon, or viscose, is broken after only 70 bends, making it one of the worst options you could choose when considering durability.

This durability makes wool the best option in regard to homes that have high foot traffic, either from multiple guests or active pets. Dogs, cats, and children are particularly notorious for treating area rugs without regard for their integrity. Therefore, you need to purchase a rug that can not only stand up to abuse but also lasts for years longer than any other option.

Beautiful Colours

Whether you want patterns or a solid colour, wool rugs found at are absolutely vibrant when dyed. You can choose from a huge range of colours and patterns, and wool accepts and holds colour amazingly well. To make it even better, that colour is guaranteed to last for years without fading, even under heavy use. Great wool will make your rug brighten up your space and add a level of true beauty to any room.

Fire and Spill Resistant

By nature, wool is naturally fire and spill resistant. Wool fibres do not carry a flame, meaning they self-extinguish. Other materials, particularly those made up of synthetic fibres, tend to catch fire easily and provide fuel for it to spread quickly. Wool is also naturally repellent to liquids, meaning it is less likely to stain when you spill something on it. Any liquid spilled on it should remain suspended for a short amount of time, allowing you the chance to wipe it up before it has soaked into the fibres. Once again, this makes wool the perfect option for any home with children, pets, or frequent guests.

Beautiful Aging

Wool, unlike other materials, ages beautifully. In fact, a wool rug that is over 100 years old may look as fresh and vibrant as the day it was put through the loom. The best way to ensure this long life is to purchase a high quality wool rug and perform simple maintenance on it after placing it in your home. This maintenance is as simple as vacuuming it and cleaning spills immediately after an incident to ensure it is always clear of debris. If you are concerned that your wool rug has become dirty, simply steam clean it or hire a professional cleaning service. This investment will increase your home’s beauty and help you make a statement to your guests and family.

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