Drug addiction changes people.  You’re certainly no stranger to that.  Over time, as the substances have captured more of your time, attention, and focus than anything else in your life, you’ve watched as hobbies, relationships, and even your job slipped away.  You feel farther from your Christian faith than you ever have in your life.  You feel lost, but you just can’t stop using.


If this sounds all too familiar to you, Christian drug rehab may be the answer.  In Christian rehab programs, we will weave your faith in with our drug detoxing and behavioral therapy sessions that will help you learn to live a life without drugs.  Thinking about trying one of these Christian rehab centers?  Here are five advantages that just may help you make up your mind.

  1. Reconnect to your faith — As mentioned, as you use drugs, there’s a lot in life you stop focusing on. You don’t care about your job as much.  You’re not too interested in spending time with family and friends, preferring to isolate so you can use in peace and without any embarrassment or reproach.  That means you’re definitely not attending church services.  How could you face the pastor or nuns at your local church when you’re in such horrible shape? At Christian rehab centers, you can reconnect and relearn your faith, remembering why you committed to the Lord in the first place.
  2. Relearn lessons from the Bible as they apply to your situation today — The Bible is chock full of amazing lessons throughout its many pages. You’ve probably read it cover to cover before you started heavily using drugs, but what about since then?  As you go through rehab, you will likely be directed to passages that apply most to your situation and passages that inspire change, peace, and growth.  Remember these and re-read them when you need a boost.
  3. Treat your body and soul — While other drug rehab programs focus on fixing the body and the mind to free it of addiction, these Christian programs focus on spirituality as well. Nourish your spirit with counseling and compassionate care.  This two-pronged approach makes these Christian rehab centers stand out from other everyday drug treatment facilities.
  4. Surrounded by supportive people — Our staff is always patient, caring, and kind, but there’s an extra supportive element when surrounded by those of the Christian faith. You will meet both recovering addicts and counselors who will become your most staunch supporters, rooting you on during your hardest moments.  Of course, your friends and family will be available to offer you words of encouragement as well.
  5. Work towards sobriety and inner peace — The journey to sobriety isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Although it’s a long and sometimes difficult road, you know if you can mend your relationship with God that anything is possible.  Our Christian drug program seeks to help you rebuild that bond at your own pace.  Not only are you working towards sobriety, but inner peace as well.  As you leave the center feeling bodily, mentally, and spiritually nourished, you will find it easier to resist the temptation that is drugs as you begin your new sober life outside of the facility.

At Her House Women’s Treatment, we offer the kind of compassionate but effective care for women that works.  With our faith-based Christian drug rehab, we will include the Christian religion in our program as you recover and remember what made you a believer in the first place.  Are you ready to get your life back on track and fill your heart with faith? Contact us at Her House Women’s Addiction Treatment today.

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