Be Aware of the Options Available

If you have been on drugs and wish to pass a drug test coming up soon, one of the best options is to cleanse your body system and remain clean until the testing day. You can detox naturally, use a detoxification program, or just stay off drugs. Natural detoxification entails using a lot of liquid while staying off drugs a month and a half before the test. Liquid intake should also be accompanied by exercise and proper diet. The body will use its detoxification process to cleanse the urine and blood naturally with time. If you don’t want to detox, go to Marijuana drug molecules are fat soluble and hence remain in the body system for some time before they are eliminated from the bloodstream. For natural detoxification, it is recommendable to engage in a lot of exercises and be careful about the diet consumed.

Cleansing the System on the Testing Day 

If your drug test is coming up sooner than you expected and you think you might not make it, there is no need to panic. Certain detoxifications drinks can help flush out your system, giving you a guarantee of a clan test 4-6 hours after consuming them. A drug testing lab personnel leaked information that cocaine is only in the system for 24 hours and a chronic abuser would only have traces of the drug a little longer than that, probably up to 72 hours. Most other resources support this claim, but some hold that it can remain in the system for up to 22 days. Increasing your fluid intake and urine flow serves to dilute the number of drugs in the urine or blood sample. The concentration remains under the threshold level so that it is not detectable during the test.  

Two hours before the drug test, fill your bladder with as much fluid as you can. Water can be very useful in washing the system so that only very little traces of drugs remain in the blood system. A high dosage of aspirin also reduces the concentration of marijuana. Although many people tend to wash out several days before the test, there is no reason to do so. The main thing here is to avoid giving out the first urine of the morning. Most drugs metabolize as you rest, and it is likely that the urine in the morning will contain high traces of drugs.