Los Angeles is an incredible city with plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. While there are many ways to travel and see the many offerings of the city firsthand, it’s hard to beat the benefits that come from traveling in an RV, especially if you’re a family. Kids have the ability to play games or watch TV in the back during the many long hours on the road, and even out at campsites they can have the experience of seeing new places and enjoying new adventures while coming back to a safe home on wheels where everyone can bond at night.party

You’ve gone through the hard part of packing, planning, and making sure you found the best possible RV rental deal before taking off for sunny California and the big trip to the city of Los Angeles – so read on to learn about some of the top places for family fun when visiting the City of Angels.

Zimmer Children’s Museum

Fantastic for families with children who are around 8 years old and younger, this museum (located in the aptly nicknamed “Museum Row”) is specifically aimed at young children. Aside from having areas that are set up to be interactive and encourage play while learning, the friendly staff carefully cultivates that encouragement for young children to feel comfortable playing, learning, and interacting with others.

This isn’t a great choice for older kids, but if you’re traveling with several young ones, this is a great stop that they will really enjoy and remember.

Sky High Sports

This is a fun place! There are certain things that never get old. Sky High Sports is one of those rare places where the entire family can let loose and have fun because trampolines. There are trampolines everywhere – for small, large, tall, short, even strong ones for extra-large individuals, as well as many play areas where a trampoline might lead to a bounce castle or ball pit. The walls even have trampolines and padding, allowing for all kinds of jumping and leaping fun.

There’s a snack bar and arcade in another part of the warehouse for when a little bit of a break is in order, and an adult’s lounge with Wi-Fi, TV, massage chairs, and plenty of monitors to keep an eye on the children are all there, creating a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone in the family.

Star Eco System

There are many places like Star Eco System, but few can match the interaction of activities that are allowed here. This is a place for many exotic abandoned animals, making it part rescue shelter but also allowing some serious interaction. This place features many guided tours, and is especially a draw for animal lovers and environmentalists. The look of the place is unique as it is all made out of recycled materials. This is a truly unique and interesting stop and should create a fun experience for everyone involved whether looking at the big cats, or touching an alligator or snake, there’s plenty to experience firsthand here.

These are not only kid friendly activities in the big city, but they are places that teenagers and adults can enjoy, as well. Sometimes finding common ground for activities everyone will enjoy can be a struggle, but Los Angeles isn’t your normal city. There are many different activities that families will enjoy, and there are certainly plenty of interesting sights to see.

Do a little research ahead of time based on what you know interests you and other members of your family, and you will almost certainly find a long list of fun things to do and great places to visit. When you can find those gems that everyone in the family enjoys, that’s when the magical memories happen!

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