Fiji is a lovely country in the South Pacific that consists of about 300 islands across 20,000 square miles of sea. A Luxury Holiday to Fiji is the ultimate in luxury trips, you will make unforgettable memories whilst lying back relaxing or lazy walks along the beach. The two largest islands – Viti Levu (the main island) and Vanua Levu – make up about 85-percent of the country’s total land area. The name Fiji is actually synonymous with the word paradise, which is quite fitting for this beautiful tropical country. All of Fiji’s islands have tall coconut palm trees, beautiful, sandy beaches, brilliant turquoise lagoons and lovely coral reefs to explore.

Fiji Beaches are unforgettable

Because most of the Fiji islands are surrounded by great coral reefs, there aren’t really a lot of surf beaches. Instead, most of the islands have lovely, warm lagoons with coral sands and tall palm trees. Most of the lagoons in Fiji are pretty shallow during low tide, which kind of limits water sports to only half of the day. So, while you may be limited in your beach sports because the islands are surrounded by coral reefs, you are not limited in your snorkelling adventures. Take a snorkel, swimsuit and goggles and you’ve got an exhilarating adventure ahead of you as you explore the ocean and see many bright and tropical fish.

Fiji is packed with things to Do

There are tons of things you can do during your Fiji vacation. You can start by snorkelling over the shallow coral reefs, scuba diving, riding a jetboat, trekking through the tropical rainforest or even visit a sacred cave. If you are looking for the ultimate Fiji adventure because you are tired of tanning, swimming and bumming on the beach, make sure you head to the Navua River for a whitewater rafting trip. A white water rafting trip through the warm waters of the tropics is like a dream come true. As you raft through the rivers, you’ll see beautiful rainforest mountain and beautiful rivers. White water rafting in Fiji is an experience you’ll never forget.

Eating and Drinking Fiji style

In the city centers,you’ll find the most beautiful Fiji resorts, nightclubs, restaurants and even cinemas. Most of the luxury Fiji resorts provide their own entertainment. During a Fijian night you’ll enjoy “lovo” (authentic food that is cooked in an underground oven), the “yagona” ceremony (kava drinking) and the night wouldn’t be complete without a “meke” (song and dance). Traditional Fiji food is delicious and very unique and consists mostly of rice, coconut, fish and sweet potatoes. In Fiji, alcohol is only served in licensed hotels and bars.

Shopping in Fiji

You’ll find when you are out shopping that bargaining is still accepted in some shops, but the larger stores have fixed prices. You can purchase arts and crafts from three different sources – private craftspeople, shops and public markets. Generally, you’ll get the best deals when you buy from private craftspeople, but they are often tricky to find because they typically live in remote villages. The easiest way to purchase your handicrafts and souvenirs is from the shops, although you’ll pay a little more. The nice shops use only high-quality products and choose their merchandise carefully, which is why you’ll pay top-dollar for their goods. If you don’t want to pay a lot, head over to a public market. The prices at the markets are usually pretty reasonable, but the quality may not be as high.

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