Love can come at any age, so even those who have already crossed the good half of life have a chance to experience happiness.

Hey, everyone! I’m Mark and I would like to share my love story with you. I’m 60, but this did not stop me from finding my love.Not everyone is lucky to find their happiness in their young years, to some it comes along with wrinkles and gray hair when it is already over sixty. Late marriages are not a frequent phenomenon, but they are quite real, and therefore causes a variety of reactions in people. There is nothing to condemn or criticize those who have not been able to find a soul mate before, or have long been looking at a person.In the elderly, you can create a family, but people who decide to start a family at this age are no longer dared to give birth to children. As a rule, everyone already has adult children who live their life, and their old parents remain alone and want to be happy, having found a soul mate who is also alone.

You may wonder why people create, relationships in adulthood. As for me,the main reason was the fear if of loneliness.I couldn’t live alone, because it became like a dull existence. And in the declining years I was really worried about this issue. And age is quite unimportant, because absolutely everyone wants to have a close person at a difficult moment, they want to find support and comfort in someone. To tell the truth, I have a huge experience and life baggage behind my shoulders. Alas, besides this, I managed to accumulate some fears, complexes, frustration in myself and in the world around me. This ballast was difficult to carry alone, I wanted to share my experiences with someone.

One day I just realized that I wanted stability in my personal life, and the family could guarantee it. This was the foundation in life, which would always be my support.Often the world plays with people in evil games, throwing up new trials. Of course, it’s hard to cope alone with all the problems, and the family – this is support, the team, teaming up with which life is better.

I must admit that late marriage has its pros and cons, so you can not judge those who decided to create a family a little later than others. But in order to realize your dream, you need to be ready for the tests that may arise on the way. For example, there may be difficulties in the sense that you are accustomed to living alone, according to your rule and with your order, and then a new person comes to your territory. It is clear that you need to get along with each other somehow, get used both morally and in terms of life.It will be necessary to share with someone not only a bed, but also other amenities in the house. Toothbrushes, towels, plates and other things will no longer lie where you are used to leaving them. With the new woman – a new order comes.With age, rose-colored glasses disappear and the older you and your partner are, the less the illusions in the relationship you have. Nobody lives by hopes that soon everything will change or a person will someday change.In relationships there is no place for a personal “I”, therefore one must forget about selfishness and get used to sharing everything that disturbs and brings joy to both of partners.The main thing is not to be afraid, live and enjoy life, be open to new people and new feelings.But this is possible only in the case when choosing a partner you do everything right.

Every woman dreams of meeting the perfect man who will love her, pamper expensive gifts and carry around the world. Many of them live with the eternal image of the unreal prince. Men do not concede in fantasy. They also dream of an ideal girl with a chic figure, a beautiful face, she should cook like in the best restaurants and should be an insatiable tigress in bed. Yes, the concepts of the ideals of men and women are completely different. But in the end, both men and real Estonia women still remain wandering around in the life alone, hoping to someday meet the embodiment of their ideal.

Here are some tips for those, who like me, want to find their love in respectful age:

  • At any age, new acquaintances can frighten or cause stress, the only difference is that mature people are afraid not only to be rejected, but also they are reminded of the bitter experience. Success awaits only those who are freed from the fears and are ready for a new life and new feelings. You need to learn to not be afraid to look for new approaches to people and improvise.
  • Before you decide who you want to find and how to get acquainted, you need to understand yourself and your desires. Of course, this will take some time, but you must be able to concentrate on yourself. Perhaps you can help the list, having composed which, you can write your desires, positive traits of character – all that will help find a soul mate.
  • After you understand yourself, you need to understand the methods that you follow to find the soulmate. All methods include places where you can get acquainted. You should know that recently online dating siteshave become the most popular way of getting acquainted with people. Having registered, users can describe a person they want to find, following different criteria, ranging from growth, ending with religion and favorite food. In addition, people of age do not always manage to travel or go on a visit to other cities, and such sites help to search for dating people category “for 50” at the place of residence.

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