An erotic massage is a special type of massage with only one main purpose – getting sexually aroused. It differs from a classic, non-erotic massage in many key features. Customers, who could be both men and women, are usually completely naked, lying at the massage table. The masseuse or masseur is using all kinds of special massage techniques to evoke sexual excitement. Usage of aromatic, warming, viscous and other special erotic massage oils and gels is a matter-of-course.On customer’s request (if possible), there could be used even some special massage tools or erotic toys.There is quite a bunch of different types of erotic massages but most certainly all of them are more or less focused on customer’s erotogenic parts including genitals, finished (if wanted) with customer’s orgasm. Erotic massages may differ between themselves for example with specific massage techniques, length, intensity or even number of masseuses or masseurs.3

Erotic massages started to be perceived as official services muchearlier than youmay think. Through time, the utilization of body massages was discovered all across the world. Individual nations had their own different ways and techniques, based upon their culture and traditions, religion etc.The goal was to provide pleasant, relaxing experience, which was healthy both for body and mind. We can expect that the close link between a simple non-erotic body massage and a sexual experience was always there. Even though non-erotic body massages were (and still are) perceived as quite regular procedure, not surprisingly it was found as well as an erotic practice. In western culturein the 17th century became genital massages even part of medical treatment for mentally ill women. It was officially provided by some doctors and later on it began to be requested even by ordinary women, which felt to be neglected by their husbands. Nowadays it is completely detached branch of business.

Still, by many people it is perceived as a regular kind of sexual service, which could make it unacceptable for them. On the other hand, there are a lot of people with less conservative point of view, which makes them see the difference between an erotic massage and a house of ill fame or illegal prostitution.Regardless of its erotic nature, providing erotic massages is in most countries completely legal service. Countries which are veryfamous for their sense of tolerance for erotic massages are some European states like France and the Czech Republic, but also Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and others. However, you could find plenty of countries, where it is considered highly inappropriate or even completely forbidden and punished according to the law.

Types of erotic massages

There are quite a few different types of erotic massages and each of them can be performed with slight differences in massage techniques, sex toys, environment and other stuff. Usually, every massage studio has its own different know how and ways to become different from competition. This competitiveness, or let’s say war for customers, is very healthy for such kind of services as well as for any other. Regarding all its aspects, the level of erotic massages is still increasing and evolving. Providing customers with pretty looking masseuses and masseurs is not itself enough. It is essential for them to teach their own masseuses and masseurs the most required, modern and effective massage techniques. The interior and environment is another important thing because even such silly things as for example colors and design can consciously or unconsciously stimulate you positively or negatively. The key thing is to create positively stimulating atmosphere, which can support an erotic act itself and boost the whole experience from it.3

In general, people’s erotic fantasies have no bounds. Nowadays, quite a few different types of erotic massages could be found all around the world, but there are some massages you would probably find in any erotic massage studio. The most popular and familiar erotic massages are the classic (or basic) Erotic Massage,Tantra massage and the Nuru massage. There are two main types of the Tantra massages (with or without intimate parts), but both are about a very slow and sensual excitement. The Nurumassage is famous for the fact that the masseuse is massaging with her whole naked body, using special oils and gels. For example, another quite famous, but relatively new type of massage is the massage called the Mistress and/or Roleplay massage, which is all about wearing dresses and playing fictional roles. It means, that the masseuse or masseur will wear a dress, a uniform or any other costume and will act for example as a policeman or a teacher etc. Truly, there is a lot of available options for everyone, but it is important to choose a right massage studio.

Erotic Massages –which studio to choose?

During last thirty years, constantly raising demand stimulated massage studios to improve quality of their services. As well as most of other kinds of business, it is focused on customer’s needs and desires. Let’s say that the quality of erotic massages grown to professional classy level and it is still developing itself. However, the range of customers is quite specific. Massage studios providing erotic massages are aiming mainly for young, unattached men, but the number of female customers is growing as well.

Even though, there can be plenty reasons why people don’t want or can’t afford an erotic massage. What prevents and discourages people is for example marriage or a life partner, religion, shyness or they can just feel different about it. Definitely,it won’t fit to everyone. But on the other hand, make use of erotic massages can anybody, no matter the gender or age. It is both available and affordable to everyone. Most probably, you won’t spend your whole savings on it. In average, an erotic massage costs similarly, or just slightly more, compared to a regular non-erotic one. In addition, to prevent customers to feel shy and uncomfortable, unnecessary personal information is usually not required. Most of massage studios are respecting customer’s privacy and prefer an informal, friendly ways of communication with them.3

You can choose a massage studio providing erotic massages depending on your specific desires and preferences but always check the references and customer’s ratings first. One of very well known and verified erotic massage studios in Prague is the Number One Massage.It is located in the city center, near the Wenceslas square in Školskástreet. Their current offer consists of four different types of erotic massages and a wide range of trained, professional masseuses and masseurs.It is also possible to arrange an escort service of any type of massage, which means the masseuse or masseur will arrive on specific place in certain time. You can order an escort service to your place or elsewhere and enjoy any type of erotic massage in private, without the need of going anywhere.

Available types of massages in Number One Massage studio are: Tantra massage, Nuru massage, Number One massage and Mistress & Roleplay massage.


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