Getting a speeding ticket can ruin your day and add points to your license that may eventually lead to you losing your driver’s license. Though you already know that you should follow the posted speed limit, there are times when you just need to go a little faster. As long as you remain smart, you can avoid picking up speeding tickets in the future.

Watch for Speed Traps

Speed traps are traps that police departments set up to catch people speeding. Many of these traps are in locations where the speed limit suddenly changes, including as you enter a small town or as the road drops from four lanes down to two. Whenever you notice any changes to the road ahead or your surroundings, it’s a sign that you need to check the posted speed limit and keep your eyes peeled for cops.

Use a Radar Detector

Before setting up a radar detector in your vehicle, make sure that those electronics are legal in the areas where you drive. A radar detector uses a specific frequency that matches the frequency used by law enforcement. Many new models use different frequency settings to help you keep an eye out for sheriffs and local police. It emits a beeping sound to let you know when to slow down. Some models use both lights and sounds.

Ask for Advice

When driving through a new city or region, don’t be afraid to ask the locals for help. Whether you own a fleet of European classic cars or a late model domestic car, you still risk getting pulled over and driving away with a ticket. Use the web to chat with people in the area that you want to visit. They can give you the lowdown on speed traps, any sudden speed limit changes and even where cops like to hang out. The more you know, the more cautious you can be while driving. Using these tips can help you avoid getting a speed ticket when driving for work or when taking a vacation with your family and friends.

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