Phenibut is a modified version of GABA – a neurotransmitter that’s produced naturally in the brain and is responsible for inducing calmness and relaxation. In recent years, the use of nootropics has increased because these drugs can cross the blood-brain barrier, Phenibut being one of them. Phenibut is very similar to GABA as far as chemical structures are concerned. Now, many people who are interested in the benefits of Phenibut like to consider it as one of the better supplements, but before you start, it is important to understand the pros and cons in detail. To make things simpler, we have listed down some facts, benefits and side effects that you should know.

Understanding Phenibut better

Phenibut interacts with the CNS, and it is important to use this drug in a responsible way. Also, the drug attaches itself with the Dopamine receptors, so it can affect the mood in a positive way. If used effectively, it can create sensations of euphoria and can increase motivation. Reviews and testimonials from other users suggests that Phenibut is a powerful and useful nootropic, if used in the right way. It can offer relief from stress and anxiety and can be useful for those who are suffering from depression. Along with, it can have a positive impact on memory function and can reduce social anxiety and sleeping concerns. However, do note that this is a drug that was developed in Russia, and in many countries, including the US, Phenibut has not been approved by the authorities for medical use.

Using Phenibut safely

Phenibut can be considered as a safe drug, as long as it is taken in recommended dosages. However, some people have complained that the drug causes mild side effects such as drowsiness and even excessive sweating. Do NOT mix Phenibut with any sedatives or even alcohol as it can cause a condition called respiratory depression. If you are pregnant or are using drugs meant for epileptics, consult your doctor. It is also not an ideal choice for nursing mothers. As for the dosage, it depends on your weight, but a standard dose of 250 mg is considered to be enough, taken two or four times a day. With time, you may develop tolerance with Phenibut, so do not take it for a longer period. Cycling is important, just like one would do with other bodybuilding supplements.

It is possible to buy Phenibut as a dietary supplement. Check online for details.

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