Canada is arguably one of the most developed countries of the world today. Anyhow, we find people makingimpartialjudgment in criminal cases. The perception about criminals who are going through trials needs to be changed. There is no open dialogue for criminals.

Not just the people’s perception, some aspects of the system need change aswell. Perhaps, the call for bail reforms by criminal lawyers in Toronto is one of the many incidents pointing to the strict policies that are too hard for inmates even those who are facing trial and have not pleaded guilty.Hershberg Law, a criminal law firm Toronto fights for criminal defense and finds that people lack the basic understanding of the law of the land. And the law of the land says that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

We’re Quick to Assume Someone Guilty

People were too quick to assume that someone who has been linked with a crime is perhaps the committer. However, there is a growing eagerness in people about the criminal cases. There have been so many cases involving criminals who suffer from serious mental illnesses. It has virtually changed the rhetoric about criminal defense.

Few Recent Examples

  • Who doesn’t know the case of the Toronto police officer, James Forcillo.He was found guilty of murder attempt of the mentallyill victim Sammy Yatim.
  • The case of Mathew De Groodwas another major setback. He killed five students and suffered from mental illness.

These cases have contributed to the changing perception of the general people. And this is true that the country has a serious problem of mental illness resulting in violence and murder. General public seems to be learning from its mistakes.

The Case of Senator Mike Duffy

Perhaps we were too quick to judge Senator Mike Duffy. The whole case had so many turning points that it kept the public hooked. And this case in particular clearly showed the interest of people in criminal cases. But there was something else that people learned too that the process to uncover the truth is crucial. And one should not rush to judgment and deem someone a criminal until the person has been proven guilty. He was acquitted of all 31 criminal charges at the end shocking everyone around the country.

Reforms are Likely to be Accepted

The rising interest of the people means that the reform in the handling of criminals will be widely accepted by the people. Now that they understand the importance of the legal process and the need to take into account health of the criminals, any reform for the better criminal justice system will not see much opposition from the public.

Gone are the days when court proceedings were hidden in the walls of the court and were not spoken about until the next day when the news appeared in the newspaper. Social media spreads the news like wild fire. And the humungous amount of tweets and shares of criminal cases shows that people want to be kept in the loop. This of course has helped changed the attitude of people for such cases. It should help make them more objective and know that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

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