It has become an indisputable fact that nations have progressed in every field and have reached upon greater levels, but domestic violence is the bitter truth, the saddest and the ugliest part which still remains the story of millions of houses. What is domestic violence? It refers to the willful intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault or other abusive behavior perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. It not only renders a relationship weak, but displays the evil, inhumane and chauvinism of one partner over another. It is not necessary that domestic violence be manifested as physical abuse only, it also includes filthy abuses and emotional harassment. It is impossible to determine at first whether your partner has any abusive tendencies thus following indications may provide an invariable proof:

  1. Accusing the victim of some imaginary cheating
  2. Dictating the physical wear out
  3. Forcing sex with others or self
  4. Pressuring the use of drugs or alcohol
  5. Forceful abortions

This is a common scenario in every other household, weather rich or poor, mostly inflicted by men on women; who, out of nowhere consider this as a manly dominance to have a firm hold over their partner. In spite of the awareness being made, females still consider it a shame to discuss it openly and speak against. They let themselves be curbed and abused by men as according to the “so called” traditions and rituals they have ties to them and keeping their man happy the ultimate goal in their lives.

Thus a marriage, the most cherished dream of a women’s life has simultaneously turned into the worst nightmare. Its high time that we realize the need to speak against the evil, stand against the misunderstood traditions, roar loudly for our rights, show the world that we have an identity, a respectable identity that cannot be compromised by; a body which isn’t made for inflicting pain, but to be loved and safeguarded; a heart which isn’t for bearing torture and crying at nights but for cherishing and melting with love!

It’s truly remarked, “We are our own heroes”, so wake up and stand against domestic violence!

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