The choice of whether to purchase or hire fridge trailers for your business can be problematic. Every enterprise is unique; we can’t predict the future, and these are uncertain times.

Is the business a long term lease eatery, a pop up or a mobile concern? Is the investment appropriate?

Is this a peak trading time (Christmas or summer) but you know that historically there’s a lull between this and the next busy period which has an impact on whether hiring or buying is practical?

How much refrigeration space do you need to achieve your business goals?

Is it time and cost effective to seek a temporary solution or is it better for you to investigate refrigerated trailers for sale?

What standards do sale fridge trailers conform to and is this sufficient to maintain HACCP and other food safety legislative demands without incurring additional expense and workload?

Would a freezer purchase be useful?

For one off events, including exhibitions, county shows and domestic party needs common sense suggests that it’s more suitable to hire facilities but refrigerated trailers for sale are a viable option when trading levels have become established at a greater level in a restaurant, pub, café or hotel. Remember that any unit you purchase will age and performance levels can be superseded by newer models on the market. Sourcing parts and repair work can prove difficult over time.

When hiring fridge trailers and their freezer counterparts you have the confidence that an industry leader like Icecool Trailers (who also sells ex hire facilities occasionally) offers the best possible solutions and these are well maintained, hygienic and comply with the latest food safety and environmental legislation.

For example, as Icecool Trailers reminds customers, “Older freezers used a horrible, ozone-depleting refrigerant called Freon R-12. Many appliances using this chlorofluorocarbon are now banned from sale. Modern freezers, including our own walk-in freezers, use either a gas called R-600a, or isobutene, or a gas called HFC-134a, or 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane to cool the air. These two refrigerants have been scientifically proven to not deplete or adversely affect the ozone layer.”

A modest carbon footprint and a clear conscience. Excellent.

Bear in mind that there may be a waiting list for second hand sale units, but you can secure hire facilities in the interim period and extend the duration for as long as required.

Fees are highly competitive within the industry so you can expect value for money with hire.

When a refrigeration emergency occurs simply knowing that a convenient and appropriate hire solution is one call away, 24 hours a day, is hugely reassuring.  Don’t panic; have your answer pre-investigated and ready to put in to action. With a permanent unit on site that needs an engineer’s diagnostic visit, repairs, parts or even a new purchase, fridge trailer hire is essential to minimise waste, potential bacterial issues and turning away business. Don’t try to dodge the rules because it’s a crisis, this can have far-reaching damaging effects.

Please speak to Icecool Trailers team about refrigeration options today and enjoy peace of mind.

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