For all situations, there are ways to prevent or remedy: you can take vaccines to prevent a disease or remedy only after contracting it; you can insure your car and invest a monthly amount to be insured, or you can run the risk of shelling out a lot of money in the event of a crash or theft. In all cases, “remedying” can have much greater impacts and risks.

Bringing the subject to our reality, which is to take care of data health, we will talk about the differences between prevent or remedy when it comes to retrieving data. For this, we will present two solutions available to people and companies that we will specify and differentiate as follows:

Data recovery

This is an emergency service that occurs after data loss, where a procedure is performed to retrieve the information contained in a non-replicated media that has experienced physical or logical problems.

Because it is a recovery from damaged media, there is a small risk of not being successful, depending directly on how damaged the media is. As data recovery is a specialized service, the investment to hire a qualified company is not the least. In addition, there is the impact of the time that the person or company can lose during the displacement and absence of the disk while it is being recovered – we must consider at least 48 hours for recovery.


It is a restoration procedure that depends on a backup routine, which is a preventive solution and can be performed on your own or automatically, depending on the need and volume of the company or person who uses it.

The great benefit of restore is that, once media or equipment fails, data is secured elsewhere, which makes it easy to restore with little or no investment. When it has to do with urgency, backup is an even more appropriate solution, because restore can be immediate and automatic, reducing the impact on work continuity to the maximum.

The only investment in this case is the signing of a professional backup solution, or the time spent when the routine is manual. The only loss is the damaged equipment, which may be nothing compared to the data that is preserved.

Dive in a specialist data recovery company that offers customers both alternatives: emergency recovery for those who suffered from data loss, and the backup solution for the most cautious.