Desserts are something that makes everybody fall in love with them and why not. They are amazing to have. All of us have a craving of having a nice dessert every now and then and for times like these, we give way to what we call the dessert delivery at Patisserie.

We bring our local sweetness from our daily kitchen to you in order to make sure we refresh things up for you.

We don’t speed things up and we make sure that you place your orders with us first and then we work to fulfill your sweet needs.

Therefore, whether there is a celebration that is coming up or you want a dessert for a special event, we are more than willing to help. All you need to get started is to choose your pick of dessert and then work your way up. The majority of the items we offer are available in our stores but aside from that, we have some special offerings as well that you can view when you look at our stores online and choose your pick accordingly.

Moreover, if you want to slightly change things up, visit our local orders page in order to fresh your holiday tarts, party assortments, and celebration cakes list. However, our dessert delivery has one little restriction, which is for you to place your orders by 1 pm a day before you want to pick the dessert up.Image result for Dessert Delivery

Amongst our list of desserts, we have a special assorted French macaron menu that you can pick your choose from. The list of macarons in this list includes:

  •    Guittard dark chocolate
  •    Apricot passion fruit
  •    Exotic banana
  •    Peanut butter and raspberry jam
  •    Meyer lemon-yuzu
  •    Tahitian Madagascar vanilla bean
  •    Salted caramel
  •    Coffee and hazelnut praline
  •    Raspberry hibiscus
  •    Sicilian pistachio and Ceylon cinnamon

Aside from our fresh list of macarons, you can also order other important desserts from our specially crafted list and blend of desserts. This list includes cookies, morning pastries, individual desserts, celebration cakes, savory, party desserts and takes home therapy desserts.

We are a company that solely and solemnly believes in the power of desserts to make a change for those who want to eat them and, therefore, we bring some of the best and latest offerings in desserts to our customers. We have a wide list of desserts available so choosing your choice of desserts will not be a problem at Patisserie. And what is better than having a dessert that you can get delivered at any time you like, to your place, without much effort at all?

Patisserie is a company that believes in fulfilling your needs before anybody else and is willing to offer some of the best desserts right at your very disposal. Choose your dessert, place an order and start enjoying a taste of sweet delicacies right at our own comfort.

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