After taking the fashion world by a storm in the 80s, crop tops had almost disappeared from the scene until their comeback in the recent years. From top models to next-door fashionistas, it seems everybody has fallen in love with the crop top. From casual wear to sleek evening wear, crop tops can accompany you everywhere. You could also take them to semi-formal occasions with a formal jacket.

Crop tops are essentially short tops that are cut-off to expose a part of your mid-riff. The lengths and fits can vary along with neck lines and sleeve sizes. Loose or baggy crops can be as flattering as body-fitting crop tops. If you prefer the conservative yet classic look, opt for thick weaves and longer crop tops. Long sleeves can add just the right twist elegance to a casual outfit. Layering can add depth to your frame, and at the same time provide warmth during winter months. Asymmetrical crop tops add oomph without revealing too much skin.

It would be wrong to believe that crop tops are only for slim waists, they can easily be carried by other body shapes. Of course, if you have a flat tummy with an hourglass figure, you can carry off almost any style in a crop top. Britney-like bare midriffs are passé’ though! Try a more sophisticated style by coupling them with a high waist jeans or pencil skirts.

  • Pear-shaped woman can try wide necklines and off-shoulder girl tops to draw attention to their well formed shoulders and waistline.
  • Structured crop tops in sleek designs could accentuate the best features of apple-shaped figures. You could also try halter crop tops to highlight your broad shoulders.
  • Bustier-style crops and wild patterns can lend curves to straight figures, while frills and layers can add feminine touch to an athletic frame.
  • Select the right set of accessories and bottom wear to go with your crop-tops. You have a whole range options including high waisted jeans, pencil skirts, overalls, a line skirts, flared calf length skirts, shorts, long skirts and boyfriend jeans. The neckpiece would however depend on the shape of your neckline.

Summer is the perfect time to embrace the crop top and shrug-off any prejudices you hold against it. Play with colors, designs and fabrics to add a bit of oomph to your wardrobe.

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