Normally when you snap a photo that turns out blurry it is because there is some problem with the lighting or focus. However at times blurriness is intentionally added to a photo to give it a unique type of visual effect that can complement a photo and make it look even more amazing.

Of course in order to create that kind of blur you would need a tool that gives you full control over the effect. That is precisely what Movavi Photo Focus will provide – a dedicated and specialized tool that is designed to help produce creative and stunning blur effects.

With Movavi Photo Focus, you can choose to blur your photo in a number of different ways. One way to start doing so is by blurring out any distractions or unwanted parts of the image so that the portions that remain are clearer and stand out more.

If you want you could even go a step further and use Movavi Photo Focus to specifically keep certain elements in focus while blurring out their surroundings. Normally this is used to blur image background while keeping the subject in focus as it will create a contrast that draws attention directly to them and makes details more obvious.

Another cool effect that can be achieved with Movavi Photo Focus is a tilt-shift. By blurring the outer edges of a panoramic shot it can cause the elements that are in focus to appear to be miniaturized. Although this may sound complicated, it can be achieved quite easily with the tools that are available.

In addition to giving you a variety of ways to apply blur effects to your photos, Movavi Photo Focus has some other tools that can help as well. It will let you adjust the color settings such as brightness and contrast specifically for the out-of-focus and in-focus areas to create a unique type of effect. Additionally it will let you crop, rotate and resize your image so that you can control its frame and composition.

All said and done if you want to experiment with cool-looking blur effects and see how they can improve your photos – Movavi Photo Focus is the best way to do so. It will give you an easy way to create professional and artistic-looking photos by simply applying the intuitive tools that are provided and familiarizing yourself with them.

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