Today’s homeowners have a multitude of choices when determining the design of their home, both inside and out. Luckily, we can choose to decorate with the decor that meets our desires, and having a rustic-style home outside of the country is always an option. Indeed, rustic homes and log cabins remain a popular choice throughout the nation, and even those who live in more contemporary style homes can achieve the country feel with thoughtfully chosen accessories and decor. Rustic accents in the common living areas, especially the kitchen, are easily sourced and there are many ideas available. When you are looking to carry the rustic theme throughout the entire home, including the bathroom, the ideas and objects are less plentiful and more creativity may be required.Image result for Continue the Rustic Feel into the Bath

The best place to get started is with the decoration of a powder room that is most likely smaller than the family bathrooms, and likely situated in the more public areas of the home. When finding your rustic design style, it is often best to begin in a small space. Bathrooms, especially powder rooms, are also a lot of fun to decorate as you can really embrace your design style and create a whimsical space. With any bathroom, large or small, always remember that it is necessary to select items that will withstand moisture.

Choose your theme prior to starting the hunt for decor; are you looking to capture the neo-farmhouse look, or are you going for a traditional lodge feel? Once you have determined the direction you would like, choose a color scheme that gives you the feel that you want. Next is the fun part, choosing the items to tie it all together. A personal favorite of ours is the rather sweet wire sculptures of farm animals. In fact, a few conversation pieces coupled with a large print wallpaper will provide you a great start. 

Another great aspect of designing your bathroom decor, is that you can take a bit of a departure from the overall style of your home. A rustic bath may be more modern or more traditional than other areas of the home, and it will provide the opportunity to branch out to unexplored realms of your rustic style. A rustic bath can be playful and include elements that you may find too out for other areas of the home. Additionally, bathroom fixtures done in the rustic style are a fun way to incorporate your chosen style into the room. Consider more raw finishes, in darker palettes, that will bring a cottage look to the overall scheme. Farmhouse basins are also popular choices. In the master bath an antique, porcelain claw-footed bathtub can help transport you to a bygone age. Overall, it will be accessories that reflect your style, and complete the look of your rustic bath.


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