There seems to be a legal sector for all parts of life — personal injury law, property damage law, medical malpractice law. The list goes on. But did you know that there’s even a division of law for sailors, fishermen, and other types of seamen? This is what a New Orleans maritime lawyer does: maritime law. Below, we’ll discuss what maritime law is and answer some commonly asked questions about this type of legal practice.

What is Maritime Law?

Naturally, the most common question that is asked about maritime law is what is it? In short, maritime law or admiralty law is a form of law that surrounds injuries and accidents that occur near or on the water. You may also hear this type of law referred to as general maritime law or Jones Act law.

How Does Maritime Law Work?

The maritime laws that surrounds this legal practice protect fishermen, seamen, and others working on boats or docks. When individuals like this are injured, a New Orleans maritime lawyer can help the individual file a claim for un-seaworthiness, request maintenance and cure or file a Jones Act claim that charges an employer with being negligent and causing injuries.

What Is the Jones Act?

When it comes to maritime law, you’ll hear the Jones Act referenced often. This is a federal legislation that protects individuals who are working on or near the sea. It was enacted in 1920.

In fact, if you want to file a claim under the Jones Act, you must be considered a seaman before you can do so. To be a legal seaman, you must have a substantial connection to a specific vessel. Do not simply assume that you are covered under the Jones Act.

Are There Statutes of Limitations With Maritime Law?

Yes. There are certain statutes of limitations under the Jones Act. If you plan to file a Jones Act claim, you will have either two or three years to file your claim.

Generally speaking, government accidents on government owned vessels give you just two years to bring a lawsuit to court. Those working in a commercial capacity (seamen, fishermen, and other workers) will have three years from the date that their accident occurred to bring a lawsuit to court.

Contacting a New Orleans Maritime Lawyer

Working on or near the sea can be extremely dangerous. Accidents happen quite often, and if you are seriously injured, it may put you out of work, cause lifelong health problems, and drain your bank account and savings.

If you live or work out of New Orleans and were injured while working on a fishing boat, on the docks, on a tanker, or aboard any other type of commercial vessel, get legal help from a reputable New Orleans maritime lawyer so that you can receive damages for your injuries. This type of attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


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