Sustanon  (or Sustaplex) is one of the world’s most known and used anabolic steroids. It is a combination of four testosterone esters, and not four steroids in one, as is sometimes described.

It is an injectable steroid as it is an oily solution. It contains 4 different testosterone esters, which have a synergistic effect. It is designed to act from the first administration over a long period of time. Propionate and phenyl propionate esters are used immediately and the remaining ones are used more slowly, remaining active in the body for 2-3 weeks. This is a great advantage over testosterone enanthate or cypionate, which have a much shorter activity and keep testosterone levels in blood less constant.

Side effects:

It has a high anabolic effect and pronounced androgen activity. It is used in periods of mass accumulation, bringing serious gains in muscular mass and strength. Although aromatized, this being the nature of any testosterone-based steroid, harmful effects are easier to support than testosterone enanthate or cypionate. But this can only be a matter of time. With Sustanon, testosterone builds up slowly in the blood and that’s why side effects occur later. Another feature is that it ‘feels’ faster than the enanthate or cypionate. This is because Sustanon’s short elastomers start acting after the first injection. But once the long esters begin to work, it will be more difficult to keep hormonal levels steady without fluctuations.

Sustanon is probably the most sought-after form of testosterone injectable. But as any review of Sustaplex will tell you, this is not because it is very effective, but because most buyers are not well informed and the idea of ​​a product containing “4 steroids in one” is very appealing. But the testosterone esters only affect the release time of the testosterone in the blood. The action remains the same. In fact, there are not 4 steroids in one. The truth is that you can get more results with the same money you spend if you use testosterone enanthate or cypionate. Sustanon 250 confers benefits only for medical purposes. If you depend on a doctor for testosterone, Sustanon 250 would be free to take weekly, and you could go once a month to the other testosterone esters. But for a bodybuilder who is injecting every week, there is no advantage. Testosterone levels in the blood will reach the same values ​​anyway. In conclusion, it can be said that Sustanon is only a much more expensive testosterone.


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