The concept of gaming has changed completely, and this evolution has taken over the people to a different level all together. No more do the drab pictures come across your gaming machine and u keep pressing your joystick only to make the slightest move. Rather motion sensing and soft touch ability has enhanced the experience of live gaming. Multiple gaming corporations have invested days and months and years to develop the best entertainment option for an entire lot of gamers who keep waiting for the latest updates. And one such game that has taken over the entire market of the gaming is the Clash of the Clans. However the PC version is still acceptable, the mobile version never looks like much of its name.

The tiny cartoonish characters mill around a similarly looking village on the phone screen building cute little army groups that they let loose on the enemy camps. The soldiers just keep auto hacking the buildings walls and canons while the player just sits watching them and earning gold coins. That’s not what games are meant to be, says Diana Wylde Solvang CA, who has not only been associated with extensive gaming, but also has some contribution in developing these games as well.Image result for Clash of Clans Needs to Make Some More Sense in the Gaming World.

Although there have been multiple bugs and failed updates, developers believe that playing Clash of Clans is still safe, and claims to be the most successful game app for the mobile version. Since there have been multiple failed updates specially with the Apple users, they went for a survey in the market, and received some worthy recommendation from the avid gamers which is likely to help them in the long run. Firstly, is the improved quest for the game, since most of the gamers would just love to receive daily, weekly and a monthly quest in Clash of Clans so that they can have other choices for joining the battles as well. This is what the gamers look forward to, activity. The more there will be challenges posed in front of them, the more indulging will the game be, and that is all, the gamers wait for.

The second finding of the survey was to enhance the clan transfer and search. Each and every Clash of Clans fan would love to switch from one clan to another, and this power in their hand to transfer would help them to help their friends out and expect the same under similar conditions. This update in the game version is what all the clash of Clan lovers is waiting for.

Apart from it, Diana Wylde Solvang CA found out that the gamers always wanted to have three kinds of leaders to make the game more convenient. Apart from the main leader, they have always preferred having two other leaders who can be easily replaced with the main leader whenever he is being decided to be demoted. Even an Elder in the clan who will be monitoring the activities of all the members and remove them if anyone is underperforming.

Gaming is all about getting better and better. The more there will be bugs, the more will it be sorted out for a better performance. With an entire clan of developers fighting with the bugs every day, the clash seems to be of the titans at the warfront.

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