An MBA dissertation topic, just like any Masters level program topic should be a concrete analytical piece designed to combine learnt theory and real business issues, and providing and describing potential solutions to the issues of the commercial environment. Due to the fact that it’s approximately 15,000 long and it does require months of consistent research and writing, it can be quite intimidating for most students, and even for a research paper writing service that doesn’t have much experience. Here’s how the MBA dissertation will look like, as it will have the following segments:

Executive Summary


Literature and Theoretical Background

Research Hypotheses







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Of course, it’s not necessary to include each of these segments, although these are the standard ones that are most commonly included. The end result is going to demonstrate your recommendations to companies and the industry in general.  

It’s crucial to choose the right topic for you, and with so many industry and business issues that have yet to be chosen as case studies, you won’t have a problem. It’s all up to you to choose the one that you find the most interesting. You can also turn to the Internet for help on choosing the right dissertation topic. Although it’s probably one of the most important papers you’re ever going to write, it’s important to still choose a topic that’s you’re going to have fun exploring.

The broad subject matters that you can take into consideration could be Marketing, Business Forecast and Strategy as well as Operations. You should also focus on specifics of each subject, picking a specific problem or an issue and developing your paper around that particular focal point.

5 Aspects to Consider When Creating Your Dissertation

We’ve come up with five essential tips that are going to guide you through creating a dissertation. This is overall advice on how you should approach dissertation writing.

  1. Pick a topic that’s very specific. You don’t want to go for something very general, as it can lead you easily to stray away from the topic itself.
  1. While you should focus on thriving in the academic sense, and adjusting the writing towards that, you should also bear in mind that the subject of the dissertation is actually a business challenge that you are focusing on.
  1. Frequently have consultations with your academic supervisor. Also, try and set the title of your dissertation as early as possible, so you’re able to focus on getting targeted recommendations.
  1. Focus on finding a subject that has plenty of research material available, and also do additional research on what kind of research materials are acceptable for an MBA dissertation.  
  1. It is a general rule that, 80% of your dissertation will be your own ability to deliver high quality work, while 20% comes from the academic brilliance of the chosen recommendations.

Now that you have the started information, you’re ready to face all the MBA dissertation challenges that are ahead! Taking the first step and choosing the subject can be one of the hardest things to do, but once you are passed that point, you’re free to tackle your dissertation just the way you want it to.


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