We live in a world where there are many ugly events happening on a daily basis. Whether it is a rich country like France or a third world country like Syria, there are one or the other mishaps occuring regularly. Apart from disasters, there has always been poverty, disease, environmental calamity and pollution. But despite of all these things, this word is beutiful place to live. Because no matter what happens; we are always there to help each other. Humanity has managed not to collapse inspite of some hellraisers. This is why there are people working daily on helping others with their philanthropic activities. All we could do is contribute our share of endeavours for this noble cause called charity.

There can be different types of charties. It’s up to a person to decide what cause affects him enough to trigger that feeling of strong desire to do something about it. Listed below are some of the broadly classified tyes of charity:

  • Animal Charity:

    There are a lot of animals in the world which are at the verge of extinction. To save such animals there are many charitable trusts.

  • Environmental Charity:

    Our mother nature has been suffering from many disasters as a result of industrialization and pollution. A lot of organizations are fighting to save her and some are trying to heal the damage already occurred.


  • International Charity:

    These types of charities are typically meant forother countries. For instance there are some Online donation for charity which are meant for raising funds for other war affected countries or the countries which recently faced a disaster.

  • Health Charity:

    There are numerous organizations and trusts which work for the people suffering from a fatal disease and cannot afford their treatment.

  • Educational Charity:

    JnanDaanor donation of knowledge is considered to be the best charity in India. In wordly matters however, this can be summed up to the provision of the knowledge which leads to the right path or at least give the needy ones the ability to earn their own bread. There are thousands of groups working on educating poor children and even adults.

  • Arts and Culture Charity:

    With the advent of modern technology, the biggest stake today is that our culture, our ethnicity and fokrtsareon the verge of extinction. What people do not understand is that if this is most, India or any other country for that matter will lose its identity and that would in turn affect the economy of that country. Organisations working on preserving and promotion art and culture of the country are doing a great job.

So here are some of the types of charity. It is completely a person’s choice to support any one of them or many others which have been missed. It is not necessarily the money that one needs to donate. One can offer to be volunteer, rise funds and promote cause to tell people how important it is to do something or it. Even the slightest effort can prove to be a noteworthy endeavour.

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